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Recap in Haiku: Florida State Rides First Half Annihilation of Wake Forest, Wins 41-16

And it probably wasn’t that close.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Wake Forest Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

I expected bad

Somehow, what I got was worse

Coaches, what the heck?

I’m starting to write this early in the second half. The defense just forced a three and out, and Wake has the ball in FSU territory. But this thing was effectively over by the end of quarter 2, as Wake Forest had 75 net yards of offense in the entire first half, and get this, that was INCLUDING a 75 yard touchdown drive in there. So in, by my count, EIGHT other offensive drives, Mitch Griffis and the Wake Forest offense netted zero total yards. Zero.

Oh, by the way, they got the ball in plus territory and turned the ball over on downs, despite having a first and 10 at the FSU 27. This offense has been the most inept offense I have ever seen at Wake Forest, and it’s some stiff competition. I legitimately do not understand how Santino Marucci didn’t start this game. I will NEVER understand that, as long as I remain on this mortal coil, unless Santino was hurt, ill, or dealing with some sort of personal issue. People can hate the mesh offense all they want, but it’s worked for almost a decade now, and worked WELL. The biggest differences are the offensive line and who’s under center.

Oh, and the defense just forced a missed field goal after what looked almost like guaranteed FSU points after a big play with a roughing the passer call tacked on after it. What does the offense then proceed to do? Move a bit, aided again by boneheaded FSU penalties (the most consistent Wake Forest offense of the day). At this point in the game, Mich Griffis, with 3:25 in the 3rd, had 6 completions on 16 attempts. And he’d been sacked 6 times. As many sacks as completions after darn near 45 minutes of football. Mitch just ran for 20 to get first and goal at the 6. Touchdown Deacs thanks to Tate Carney, and a failed 2PC (which actually was the right call).

Did the offense look BETTER in the second half? Absolutely. But that doesn’t really matter all that much when the first half was 34-7. When your offense, in 30 minutes of football, can’t muster more than 100 yards, you’re so far behind the eight ball that any rally, while admirable, is futile in terms of winning the game. I will say this, in defense of the anti-mesh crowd; the offense did start to look better when they opened things up a bit and were free wheeling a bit more,

The defense had a third and goal at the 18 yard line and then somehow managed to give up a rushing touchdown from there that looked far too easy. So I’m not remotely saying the defense was flawless. But they certainly looked more competitive more often, and got started significantly earlier than the offense did. I’d imagine it’s comparatively easier to put up points when you’re down by more than 3 scores. Santino Marucci came in as QB with 10 minutes left. One first down later, and there was a punt.

There was nothing notable after that one way or the other. At this point I’m struggling to find what else to say. Whether it’s playmaking, personnel, coaching, or all three, the offense for Wake Forest is utterly broken. The defense certainly didn’t have a GREAT day, but they’ve definitely played well enough to win games until now, and even today, they made big plays in timely positions that, in a closer game, could have been the difference.

I fully expected a loss. I’m just genuinely exasperated that it didn’t feel like the coaches have learned anything about this team from the first half of the season. It didn’t even feel like they were trying to figure out how to change their fortunes.

I’m exhausted. Here’s hoping next week is better. On to the next. Go Deacs.