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Recap In Haiku: Wake Forest Comes Up Short Against Georgia Tech, 30-16

Well that sucked.

Wake Forest v Louisville Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Almost a comeback


Long season ahead

It was 17-3 at the half. Wake Forest almost made a comeback, down 7 almost in the red zone when Mitch Griffis iced the game with a baffling throw after a near sack that went right into the arms of the Georgia Tech defender. The offensive line was ATROCIOUS, giving up eight sacks on the night, and Mitch Griffis, despite showing remarkable toughness, fumbled multiple times and threw three picks (technically; one of them was more of a fumble on Cameron Hite that was registered as a pick), and in a game where, for all intents and purposes, Wake Forest was driving to tie the game, that is absolutely infuriating.

The defense continued to ball out, but offense and special teams were both largely horror shows, including a fumbled punt and missed extra point on special teams, and four additional turnovers on offense. I don’t like saying this, but this might be the roughest season we’ve ever had under Dave Clawson. Right now I’m not really sure what else to say. Before this game, I thought we had a very good chance to continue the bowl streak. After tonight, I think we’ll be lucky to even be fighting for it.

On to the next. Go Deacs.