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Photo courtesy of Will Zimmerman

Blogger So Dear announces leadership transition

A new co-manager joins the leadership team

On July 1, longtime co-manager Elijah Kim stepped away from his leadership role with Blogger So Dear; Staff writer Essex Thayer accepted the position.

As stated by Elijah below, this is not the end of his time with Blogger So Dear, as he turns his focus to social media. We are all grateful for Elijah’s guidance and leadership with the site, and look forward to his continued work going forward.

From Elijah:

Time flies when you’re having fun.....

Over the past few years, it’s been a joy to be co-manager of Blogger So Dear. From all of the success of Wake Forest Athletics and the special connection forged with “Little Old Wake Forest”, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being part of this community. Blogger So Dear gave me the chance to reconnect with old classmates and give me new experiences doing cool things in sports.

This is not a good-bye but a thank you as I will effectively stepping down as co-manager and focusing more on the social media aspect in the background.

Essex will be replacing me and I am extremely excited and confident in his vision as he steps into the role. His passion for Wake Forest Athletics is unmatched and will only continue to provide great content covering all things Wake Forest.

Thank you to everyone, especially those who have “worked” with me over the 5+ years here. We’ll keep on working to provide an additional fun avenue of news and analysis of the Deacs we love.

As always, Go Deacs!

From Essex:

I can never thank Elijah Kim and the leadership team of Blogger So Dear enough for bringing me into the fold in March and allowing me to do what I love most, cover Wake Forest athletics.

The journey of those first few months was exceptional — getting to continue my coverage of the baseball team all the way until the final swing in Omaha was a dream come true.

Over the past year, I have been driven by the phrase “Boots On The Ground,” which highlights the intense desire to not miss a single moment of Deacons’ sports and provide the public with timely and compelling news, game stories and features.

I cannot wait to press ahead with that ideal in mind in a new role with the site. We look forward to our continued growth and hope to bring new fans along for the ride.

I am incredibly appreciative of all Elijah has done for Blogger So Dear, and am excited for what lies ahead with him still on the team.

Thank you to everyone, truly. Football season is just around the corner!