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Steve Forbes Doesn’t Hold Back While Discussing Bobi Klintman’s Agent

The Klintman Saga makes a lot more sense now

NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at Boston College Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

Wake Forest Head Coach Steve Forbes gave a brief statement today on the Bobi Klintman saga and his thoughts on how everything went down, and he does not mince his words.

The gist of the story as far as I understand is that Bobi Klintman’s NIL agent was deceitful and unprofessional, trying to turn Klintman against the coaching staff in an attempt to increase the profit the agent himself could make. He tried to get Klintman to leave school early to attend NBA workouts in April, kept Klintman away from assistant coach Jason Shay when he flew to California to watch the workouts, and was contacting other schools—most likely without Klintman’s knowledge—to see if he could get a bigger NIL deal for Klintman to transfer.

Because NIL agents don’t have to register with the NCAA, agents more concerned with dollar signs than what is actually best for their clients is probably an issue all over the college landscape and will continue until there is some NCAA regulations or guidelines on NIL. This really sucks for Bobi Klintman, who has dropped out of the 2023 NBA Draft and will play in the NBL in Australia next season with plans to enter the 2024 NBA draft.

Hopefully things work out in the end for Klintman, but for now, this go down as a cautionary tale about the predatory agents that are often lurking around the sports world.