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Announcing Four New Additions to the BSD Staff

Yes, you read that right. Do not adjust your monitors.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament Second Round - Syracuse vs Wake Forest John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Blogger So Dear is beyond thrilled to announce the introduction of four, count them, four incredible Wake Forest student contributors to the BSD staff. They’re all coming over from the former Deacons Daily, the Sports Illustrated website for the Deacs. Our new contributors are Essex Thayer, Ben Conroy, Sam Rausch, and Jack Smartt. Essex and Ben were editors of Deacons Daily, and I’m (informally for now) terming them Special On-Ground Correspondents, as their work on Deacons Daily included a truly remarkable amount of reporting from the campus. Sam will manly help us cover football, and Jack will help us further cover basketball. The goal of this on-boarding is to benefit everyone. The former Daily staff just love what they do (and they’re good at it, to put it mildly) and want to share their passion with everyone. BSD has needed an infusion of fresh blood for a while now (I say this as by far the old head of the group), and this will be just the thing. The familiar faces will still be bringing what they always do to the table, so you’re still going to be getting the same BSD as always, just so, so much better than before.

We’re still clearing up some formal back end stuff with SBNation and whatnot, but for now, everyone please give a warm BSD welcome to Essex, Ben, Sam, and Jack, and be on the lookout for them introducing themselves in their own ways and helping to infuse BSD with more incredible content for all in the coming days and weeks. I’m beyond thrilled to be working with the new members of the team, and can personally attest to their passion and professionalism. Exciting days are ahead for BSD!

Go Deacs.