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Wake Forest Lands at 133 in Initial NET Rankings

The Deacs have some work to do

NCAA Basketball: Charleston Classic Fifth Place - LSU at Wake Forest David Yeazell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of the year where the first NET rankings for the season are released and we all lose our minds because of how weird of a system it is. Whether you love it or hate it, the NET rankings seem to be here to stay, so arguing about it at this point is probably pretty pointless. In the initial NET rankings for the season, the Deacs came in at 133, which means they definitely have some work to do to make the NCAA Tournament this season.

At this point in the season, this is no cause for panic. With so few games being played so far, the ratings are going to be massively skewed—for example, Princeton is currently ranked 8th, McNeese is ahead of Gonzaga at 30, and UMass Lowell is 1 spot below Kentucky at 46. As more games are played, the ratings will shake out and the stronger teams will move to the top.

As it stands, the Deacs are currently being held down by an 0-2 Quad 3 record with a road loss to 148 Georgia and a neutral site loss to 165 LSU. Wake is 0-1 in Quad 1 games (Utah), 1-0 in Quad 2 games (Florida) and 3-0 in Quad 4 games (Elon, Towson, Charleston Southern). I would be shocked if Georgia and LSU remain that high as the season progresses, so those losses will hopefully move to Q2 or Q1 later in the season. If you want a great breakdown of the NET rankings and all the Quad games, is a great resource.

The Deacs certainly have some work to do, but as more games are played and the rankings even out, Wake should be able to move up pretty quickly.

Go Deacs