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Five Things I’d Love For Christmas For Wake Forest Athletics and The Fans

Sorry BSD, it’s been a minute, but I have returned!

Virginia Military Institute v Wake Forest Photo by Andy Mead/ISI Photos/Getty Images

In lieu of writing a recap for the Presbyterian game, since I’m pretty sure Essex has us covered there, I figured do a more general, but thematically appropriate piece. So that said, here’s something of an “Athletics Christmas List”.

  1. Clarity in the QB Room

Probably my biggest want, I won’t even know if it arrives for the better part of a year. But this football season was brutal, and it definitely began with signal-calling. I wouldn’t necessarily say it begins AND ends there, because I think that’s overly simplistic, but I would probably say it was the most glaring. I still think as a whole, the Wake Forest football program is in good hands. One down season doesn’t break a great track record. However, if the team is going to rebound, they need clarity under center.

2. More of this from Steve Forbes

Coach Forbes continues to show his ability to scout talent and coach as the basketball team is off to quite the good start, especially since the waiver granted to Efton Reid. I’d go so far as to say that if Reid had been eligible since the start of the year, the team might well be undefeated right now. Honestly, more than any Wake basketball team I can remember, I can’t think of any huge gaps for this team. That’s not to say I think they’re the best team in the country or anything (though I’m starting to feel like a top 25 ranking is quite possible at the rate they’re going), but they’re extremely well-rounded and versatile on a level I don’t recall from a Wake hoops team in a while.

3. A healthy Damari Monsanto

That said, the fact that the team still isn’t whole is WILD. Damari Monsanto is slowly making his way back to hoops, and adding another sharpshooter, especially given how good Parker Friedrichsen has already proven himself to be, will make this team extremely difficult to defend. You’ll have Reid and Carr inside, and even Marion and Marsh in a pinch, the driving and dishing abilities of Boopie Miller and Hunter Sallis, and the sheer versatility of Cameron Hildreth along with the sharpshooting of Friedrichsen and Monsanto? Good luck.

4. Success for the transfers, both incoming and outgoing

This might be something of a hot take, but I always hope players who leave Wake Forest succeed wherever they end up. In the current sports climate, transfers in both directions are super common, and all I can say is that to those who have decided they might fare better other places. And of course, in the other direction, I hope the players who are coming into our programs continue to thrive.

5. A rebound for the baseball team

The loss in Omaha was absolutely heart-wrenching, and there have been some losses for the team both to transfers and MLB, but there are also some strong returns and some solid incoming transfers. I would love little more than to see the Diamond Deacs get another shot at winning the whole big one.

A bonus, because I can do that: Health, safety, and joy for the entire Wake Forest and BSD family

Whether it be student athletes, fans, my fellow BSD staffers, or our wonderful readers, I seriously want everyone to have a wonderful season and hopefully an even better 2024. I won’t get too deep into it, I’ll just say that part of my brief hiatus had to do with dealing with some chaos in my life. Things have calmed down and are going to be okay, but the nature of things made me think about life in general, and what is and isn’t worth worrying about. All I can say is, to my entire BSD family, I love you all. Without you, this site wouldn’t exist and I wouldn’t be able to work writing for it. I’ve been writing for BSD for over a decade now, and good lord, that is a crazy thing to think about.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, another holiday, or nothing at all, I still wish you all joy, health, safety, and of course, wonderful sports moments in the coming year.

As always, thanks for reading, and Go Deacs.

<3 SF