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Quick Recap: Kern Shines As Wake Forest Comes Up Just Short, Loses 35-31 At Syracuse

Wake was clearly feeling defensive injuries, and other common problems continued to plague the Deacs.

Wake Forest v Syracuse Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

I’m tired, and this game was only for pride, plus they lost again, so there’s not that much to digest. The defense was atrocious on possession downs, allowing 14-19 on third and fourth. Michael Kern probably should have started weeks ago, as he carved up the Syracuse defense, going for 261 yards and three TDs on 17-24 passing, and his only turnover was on a tight desperation fourth down that, had it succeeded, would have given Wake Forest the lead inside two minutes. I have no idea what has happened to our field goal kicking unit, but Matthew Dennis didn’t play, and Tyler Black, who replaced him, went 1-2 on easy field goals.

Honestly, the game was emblematic of the season. A few more big plays in a few more games (most notably Duke, Clemson, and this game, but I’d say the Georgia Tech game also would probably have been a win without the FIVE turnovers) and we go bowling easily. But confusion in the QB room, mercurial execution on defense, and baffling special teams snafus cursed the team, and the end of the season was no different.

I look forward to seeing the team hopefully rebound next season and get back to the ranks of the bowling. But another season like this, and I’ll start honestly having some pretty serious questions. Do I think that’s likely to happen? No, not really. But I didn’t think 4-8 was likely this season either, and yet here we are, right?

On to the offseason.