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2022 Wake Forest football scholarship chart

It’s that time of year again

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JUL 20 ACC Football Kickoff Photo by David Jensen/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


With the season so so so so sooooo close, figured it was time to re-up the scholarship chart. Let’s ride:

Some notes:

  • Your reminder that this will be Sam Hartman’s last year. The expectations are him, Rondell Bothroyd, and A.T. Perry will be departing to the NFL after this year. Guys I can see testing the waters: Christian Turner, Michael Jurgens, Brendon Harris(dependent on his season)
  • With the three guys that have said or strongly hinted at this being their last season + people who should exhaust their eligibility, would leave Wake at 86 scholarships moving with the class they have right now. I expect Wake to sign around 20 in terms of High school plus portal additions.
  • We’re going to see some turnover on the lines next year! Losing three defensive tackles, a defensive end, and then at least four offensive lineman, but hey you have one of the best offensive line coaches in the nation
  • COVID ages are still a thing. Guys like Donavon Greene, CJ Elmonus, Michael Kern, and Taylor Morin are in their fourth year in college, but eligibility wise are redshirt sophmores. This team will stay old. A bunch of fourth year players will be taking over next year.
  • I honestly don’t see a whole lot of holes in terms of need, right now. We’ll learn about the linebackers as we go, but they’re only going to sign one this cycle from high school, the room is just too young to flood with high schoolers. Please no more TEs.