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Cam’s Corner: Week 1

We do be gambling

NCAA Football: ACC Kickoff Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome, welcome, WELCOME to the first edition of “Cam’s Corner”

With gambling becoming a bigger and bigger part of sports life now that it’s becoming legal in more states, I figured it’s as good a time to get in on the action and throw out what my numbers are giving me. Let’s win some money.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter(@CamLemons_) you’ve gone 4-0 to start the season, I absolutely won't be going undefeated this year, but let’s hope the good fortune and numbers are nice to us.

  • Wake Forest -19 1H: ODU hasn’t played in 2 years, Wake is just a much better team, I think Wake speeds out to a good first-half lead and get their starters out once they start the second half
  • Ole Miss/Louisville o75.5; Underrated game, two offenses that should put up points. Give me the electricity
  • Nevada/California o52.5: Carson Strong can and will score on anyone. If Cal wants to win they need to keep up, this one should shoot out.
  • Temple +14.5 at Rutgers: I think Temple is a much better team and Rutgers is not as good, yet, as the odds imply. This could easily be a low-scoring slugfest
  • Michigan State +3.5 at Northwestern: I have absolutely no faith in that Northwestern offense, and Michigan State should be better than last year.
  • Notre Dame -7.5 at FSU. Horrid matchup all around for FSU, Notre Dame a much better team. This should be 14 at least.

What do you like, what don’t you agree with.

Good luck and let’s win some money