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Recap in Brief: Wake Forest Dominates Florida State, 35-14

Not enough of a butt whoopin’ for a haiku, but I struggle to find three downs, either, so let’s just have a short conversation, shall we?

NCAA Football: Florida State at Wake Forest Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

So I have to admit, I never would have put “Wake Forest Shellacs Florida State” on my 2021 Bingo Card, but that’s pretty much where we are. Now, I’m going to get all of the caveats out of the way. Yes, FSU is having a rough year. Yes, they committed SIX turnovers, SIX. Yes, there were some not great things for the Deacs. Wake committed two turnovers in their own right, and they were only 9-19 on third and fourth down conversion attempts. Not great. The Deacs had 74 penalty yards. Yikes. There were defensive lapses in there, for sure. All that having been said, though, the fact is that Wake Forest dropped about 500 yards of offense. The last time Florida State scored was on a single busted play with 3:06 left in the first half. As a team, Wake Forest ran the better part of 100 plays on offense. And again, we won the game 35-14.

I want to give shout outs to the entire defense, who balled out, but especially the defensive line, who absolutely terrorized the Florida State offense play after play. Offensively, I also want to acknowledge Taylor Morin, who had a deceptively impactful 41 yards receiving on 7 catches. It was a very nice showing, and Morin was key in keeping some offensive drives going when the game was a little bit closer than it eventually became. I have to shout out the defense yet again, though, because good gracious, any time you force six turnovers, it’s an incredible day. FSU got some chunks of yardage here and there, but especially in the second half, the defense absolutely did not break. If the offense can continue to get into rhythm and Wake’s team as a whole can continue to utilize their pretty insane depth as they wear down other teams over the course of 60 minutes, going from good to great might be more possible than I had initially thought, especially since Clemson has had something of a rough start to the season. If there’s ever going to be a season where Wake Forest really threatens for the division title, this just might be it. But one week at a time. Let’s try to get to 4-0 next week, even though UVA is looking pretty darn impressive in their own right. One thing’s for sure, this season is off to a very, very interesting start.

As always, thanks for reading, on to the next, and Go Deacs.