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Monday Morning Hot Takes: Norfolk State

Time to overreact again!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 28 Wake Forest at Boston College Photo by Malcolm Hope/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Deacs are 2-0 after taking down Norfolk State by a score of 41-16, but as always, it’s time to overreact—as much as one can to a game against an FCS opponent—and drop some hot takes from the game and the rest of the college football slate. Please keep in mind that these are just the opinion of a fan who doesn’t really know that much about the sport of football and likes to complain.

These games are a waste of time. This is just a personal opinion. I know that it’s a free win—or it’s supposed to be—and it’s a chance to get some experience for guys who haven’t played a whole lot, but if we’re being honest, no one was excited or probably even really cared about this game, except for maybe the final score. We only get twelve regular season football games a year, and using one of them against an FCS school feels like a waste. Personally, I’m hoping the newly formed alliance between the ACC, Big-10, and Pac-12 will effectively remove FCS games from the schedule. I think our program is at the point where the Deacs would still be able to make a bowl game without the free win, and I’d much rather see us play teams like App, Charlotte, ECU, etc.

Our defense can’t get off the field. You can chalk it up to our defense not trying to show anything to FSU and the rest of the ACC, but our third down defense was not good in this game. Keeping the defense simple also doesn’t really explain the wide open receivers and the missed tackles on third down that plagued Wake Forest in the first half. Norfolk State finished the first half converting 6 of their 9 third down attempts, which is just way too high of a conversion rate. The Deacs did get a little better in the second half, as the Spartans finished 2-7 on third down conversions, but that still comes out to a 50% conversion rate for the game for an FCS school; that is not a good sign. Having a great offense isn’t very helpful if they are standing on the sidelines most of the game. If the Deacs don’t figure out third down, they are going to struggle in the ACC this year.

Jaquarii Roberson is the best wide receiver in the ACC. I know we’ve only played two games against some not great competition, but Roberson has a case for the best wide receiver in the conference. In two games he’s already got 10 receptions for 143 yards and 2 touchdowns. The redshirt junior also has 6 straight games with a touchdown reception and has 9 touchdown catches in his last 6 games. Find me a better receiver in the ACC.

NC State was overrated yet again. The Pack only scored 10 points against a Mike Leach team that gave up 34 points to Louisiana Tech in week one. Their one touchdown came with like a minute left in the game too.

Mike Norvell’s seat is getting pretty hot. I know the Noles just hired Norvell and they probably can’t afford to buy him out yet, but FSU fans seem pretty unhappy that he just pulled off the improbable first ever program loss to an FCS school on the final play of the game. Then he went and made it even worse by saying he didn’t want to go the prevent defense because Jacksonville State had a timeout left—it was 4th and 10 with six seconds left in the game. Another bad season for FSU and Norvell could already be on his way out.

Texas is never coming back. We hear it every year so much so that ‘Texas is back’ is basically just a meme at this point. Well, Texas just got stomped by an Arkansas program that has won 11 games since 2016. Maybe joining the SEC was a bad idea.

There are some hot takes from the second week of college football. Do with them what you will.