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Cam’s Corner: Week 2

We’re back

North Carolina State v Wake Forest Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

The end of last week wasn’t fun. Went up to 6-0, then finished 1-6 with some absolutely brutal breaks. In the recap, I’ll also

Last week wins:

  • Wake -19 1H
  • Michigan State +3.5
  • Utah State +18

Last week losses:

  • Ole Miss/UL o75.5
  • Nevada/Cal o52.5
  • Temple +14.5
  • Notre Dame
  • Florida -23
  • Clemson -3

So let’s see what we’ve got cooking for this week;

  • Pitt -2.5 at Tennessee: Tennessee isn’t a good team and will be pumping the pace with an inconsistent offense. Bodes well for a Pitt team that can cause havoc and is overall a better team
  • Texas -6 at Arkansas: Arkansas was absolutely terrible against Rice last week, while Texas looked great on the back of Bijan Robinson. Less of an overreaction to last week, and more of Arkansas wasn’t supposed to be a good team regardless so I think this one should be double digits.
  • Utah -6.5 at BYU: Think most rating systems haven’t filtered out how much the loss of BYU’s production will hurt them. Utah is a very experienced team and should be a significant favorite in my eyes
  • Ohio State -7.5 vs Oregon 1H: Was going here without the report that Kayvon Thibodeaux was in street clothes. Ohio State is equipped to blow the doors off of anyone with their style of play and Oregon’s defense isn’t as equipped for explosive teams. Give me Stroud continuing his good play from the second half of last week