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Wake Forest 2021 Recruiting Update: Third Week of June

Nearing the end

Army v Wake Forest Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

One more week in June down.

New Offers

Football: 2023 WR Noah Rogers(NC), 2024 DL Alexander Cunningham(GA)

Basketball: 2023 G Tristan Gross(FL), 2023 G Robert Dillingham(NC), 2022 PF Noah Clowney(NC), 2023 SF Kaleb Glenn(KY), 2024 C Lathan Sommerville(IL)

Cam’s take: With the lid being taken off of contact with the class of 2023, not shocking at all to see a litany of offers go out to that class. Noah Rogers is one of the top receivers in the 2023 class and will be a tough in-state fight against NC State and UNC. On the basketball side, Noah Clowney is an intriguing offer. Even after the addition of Matthew Marsh, the staff is still prioritizing bringing in size in the ‘22 class

Faces on Campus

Some names that were taking visits last week

Football: 2022 WR Jaden Watkins. 2022 OT Derrell Johnson, 2022 WR Wesley Grimes, 2022 LB Miguel Mitchell 2022 RB Demond Claiborne

Basketball: 2022 PG BJ Edwards, 2022 C Christ Essandoko, 2023 C Brandon White

Cam’s Take: Wake is. fighting tooth and nail with UVA over RB Demond Claiborne, a track star from Virginia, and was a big play to get him on campus for the second time. Same with Wesley Grimes and NC State, but think Wake has the upper hand there.

Who’s Next?

Visits this week:

Football: 2022 WR Kaleb Webb, 2022 WR Aalijah Kelly

Basketball: 2023 PG Caleb Foster, 2022 SG Josh Dix, 2022 top 30 player PF Julian Phillips, 2022 SG Michael Zanoni

Cam’s Take: Basketball is winding up while football is winding down. The evaluation period is almost upon us, so it’s no shock Forbes is trying to get their top guys on campus to continue to make inroads with them before hitting the road in July to find the hidden gems.

For football, I’m curious and slightly expecting a couple more offers at WR and LB to go out the next couple of weeks before the dead period hits and then things to pick back up come August.