Gaudio Extortion Charges - hmmm . . .

So Dino’s lawyer is asking that people weigh his U. of Louisville extortion and blackmail arrest against his 40 years of good works. OK - I’ll bite. Gaudio is the reason for Wake’s decade-plus of basketball purgatory and its relegation to the status of chronic ACC doormat. His dismissal had all the earmarks of an institution trying to get out in front of an inevitable scandal and an AD dutifully taking the heat for his President. For as shocked as many fans were by the firing, it’s notable that there was no flurry of coaching offers for a former head coach whose team was briefly ranked #1. My take on Gaudio’s "noble past" is that it shows a pattern of trying to trade ethics for his own self-promotion at the expense of the universities that employed him. Here’s hoping that Coach Forbes can bring the program to a place in which Dino and the Bzdelik and Manning eras are distant memories.

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