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Indiana State transfer Jake Laravia commits to Wake Forest

The first of many is in the fold

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 06 Missouri Valley Conference Tournament - Loyola v Indiana State




Not long after Wake Forest’s season came to a disappointing end in the ACC tournament at the hands(fingers?) of Notre Dame, the roster turnover begun with a few players already entering the portal.

This wasn’t a surprise, and the question was always going to be who would be the additions. Enter sir Laravia.

Over his career, per game he has averaged 10.7 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 1.9 assists on 52% shooting from the field, and 35.6% from three.

What’s exciting isn’t only that he was a consistent scorer, something Wake hasn’t really had year after year, but he is a consistently fine defender. He averaged a steal and a block per game, over 55 total games, and his DRtg averaged at 97.4. Wake hasn’t has a person who’s played actual minutes under 102 since Doral Moore in 17-18 at 101.2. Safe to say, he’s a better defender than they’ve had in a long while. While it was the MVC, Laravia led Indiana State in both assists and steals on a team that was almost 60 spots better than Wake according to KenPom.

The expectations for Laravia in my eyes aren’t to become some star, if he does it then hey I’ll be happy. Offer good minutes, be a consistent scorer, play good defense, and move the ball around. This can’t be a team full of black holes and bad shots, and while I will still contend this team won’t be good next year, overall pieces like this are what sets the table for a good 2022-23 season and allows Forbes to build and put a better product on the floor.

The question remains on eligibility. It’s something I always like to keep in mind, as it would change everything. We don’t know if the NCAA will vote yes, or at all, on if all transfers will have their year to sit waived. It was something they did during COVID, and by during COVID I mean DECEMBER, and they keep pushing back addressing the issue amongst others. Laravia could also apply for a waiver since he’d have 3 years of eligibility, but that’s never a straightforward process.

Regardless, Forbes does what he does and that’s recruit well.

Welcome to Winston, Jake!