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Wake Forest Football 2021 Scholarship Chart

It’s that time of year again

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 27 Pinstripe Bowl - Michigan State v Wake Forest Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With there now being a tentative spring camp date, March 19th, the run of content up to then can finally begin.

What better place to start than with a scholarship chart that will inevitably change within 48 hours.

Let this be a reminder that all teams are able to go over the 85 limit given COVID-19 and that everyone’s eligibility froze last year. That explains why I have Wake at 92 total scholarships and why there are THIRTY-FIVE players that are listed as Freshmen.

All in all, it’s not a bad roster construction. On defense, they have a wealth of production coming back both starting and as depth. Injuries have been the story, and while losing Boogie Basham, Ja’Cquez Williams, and Trey Rucker is objectively bad, they might be able to hide those losses.

On offense, the gang is all back minus Kenneth Walker III. Again, not a fun loss to have, but I’m very bullish on this offensive line being able to open holes for CBS, Quinton Cooley, Christian Turner, etc.

There are obvious questions here:

  • So what happens at QB?

If you’ve been living underneath a rock, Sam Hartman has a billion(read: 3) years of eligibility left, there are 3 other quarterbacks on the roster and Wake has 2 coming in 2022 in Billy Edwards and Brett Griffis. There is a very, very obvious logjam there. Yes, competition will probably force one or more to transfer, but it’s still a gigantic yellow flag there.

  • Pretty big logjam at WR, huh?

Not wrong! Even with Donald Stewart graduating after this year and Roberson expected to hit the draft if he has another 2020 type season, there’s still a bit of cluttering. Would Taylor Morin shift back to slot receiver in 2022 or would Ke’Shawn Williams and the shifting of Nolan Groulx(who I think would be miles better in the slot vs the Z) be enough to keep Morin outside? How do guys like Jahmal Banks and Casey Washington progress? Can AT Perry stay healthy?

  • So what happens in 2022?

Could not tell you. What happens if Sean Maginn, Tyler Williams, Nasir Greer, etc all want to come back for 1 last year? There’s been zero guidance on whether the NCAA will force teams to go back down to the hard 85 cap limit and at least some of these guys are going to want to return. Is a school going to have to only take 13-14 incoming freshmen/transfers if they want to keep key guys? Do a strong Junior and Senior class steal developmental snaps from sophomores and freshmen? The former, probably not, but the latter absolutely.

  • Still room in 2021?

The short answer is, yes. Without the super seniors, Wake sits at 83 81 scholarships and they’ve only brought in 22 freshmen + transfers. They’re allowed to move up to 5 of the early enrollees to the 2020 class but they probably won’t need to do that unless after spring camp they feel like they need a wealth of bodies from the portal/unsigned freshmen.

With this chart, we’ll be keeping this updated as people come in and as they depart.

Welcome to spring.