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BSD Staff Predictions: ACC Championship Game

Predictions for the ACCCG

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Prediction Record

Name Winner Spread O/U
Name Winner Spread O/U
Adam 11-1 6-6 5-7
Cam 10-2 7-5 10-2
Elijah 11-1 7-5 6-6
SF 10-2 7-5 6-6

Game Info

  • Opponent: Pitt Pantehrs
  • Spread: Wake +3
  • Over/Under: 71

Adam: Wake 31—Pitt 28 | Wake +3 | Under

Everyone is expecting this game to be a total shootout where the final total is somewhere in the 100s, so I’m going to zig while everyone else zags and take the under. Pitt and Wake Forest are pretty similar teams that like to score fast, but haven’t been known for their defense prowess throughout the season. Kenny Pickett and Sam Hartman are two of the best QBs in the nation this season, but I think Wake might have the better receiving corps overall. These two teams seem so similar that I really think this game is a complete tossup, with whoever wins the turnover battle probably coming out on top. Hopefully, with Charlotte being so much closer to Winston Salem than Pittsburgh, the Deacs will have a nice home field advantage in Bank of America Stadium that could help turn the tide of the battle. But of course, there are just so many more Pitt fans than Wake Forest fans that we will have to wait and see what the turnout is.

Elijah: Wake 42—Pitt 38 | Wake +3 | Over

The Deacs go to the ACC Championship Game for the first time since 2006. Two explosive QBs headline the game, with Ken Pickett from Pittsburgh and Wake’s own Sam Hartman.

Likely, the game is simple, which offense will get on a roll quicker and which defense can make the crucial stops when necessary.

If Sam and Perry can continue to build off their great rapport, I feel good about the Deacs chances in the game. Look for the Deacs to get their timely stops, maybe a turnover by Taylor or Smenda. My pick for the ACC Championship Game, Deacs win the ACC in a highlight filled game for the Coach of the Year, 42-38.

Cam: Wake 48—Pitt 41 | Wake +3 | Over

Its a super hard one here. Pitt just cannot stop the RPO as a concept. Partially because of how aggressive they are, and it just bites them so many times. We’ve seen Wake work their way from behind multiple times this year, but we know Pitt wants to avoid it at all costs. Pickett has sneakily turned the ball over a fair amount lately (6 times in his last 5 games, 4 times in his last 3 game) so he’s not without blemishes. As long as Wake can turn this into the NC State first half where the defense bends a whole bunch but doesn’t break, Wake should have a leg up in here

SF: Wake 45—Pitt 35 | Wake +3 | Over

45-35 Wake. It’ll be a shootout and a helluva duel between the two best QBs in the league, but in the end I trust Wake’s defense more to make enough plays to come out ahead. It’ll be a show both ways though, that’s for sure.

Average: Wake 42—Pitt 36 | Wake +3 | Over

Well we are feeling pretty confident in the Deacs. Let’s do this thing. Go Deacs!