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BREAKING: Texas A&M unable to play Wake Forest in Gator Bowl


COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 04 ACC Championship Game - Pitt v Wake Forest Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In (still) unprecedented times..

dammit man

As noted by Ross Dellenger, while the bowl isn’t off, it does seem highly unlikely that Wake Forest will be able to play someone else unless another bowl team is impacted. It seems highly unlikely that the Gator Bowl will tap a non bowl-eligible team as a replacement.

(not commentary on the world at large)

What a frustrating way for the team to end a season. From last year when Wake got ducked by FSU at the end of the year, to now going through one of the best seasons in program history, falling short in the ACC championship game, and now a high percentage chance of not being able to end the season on a high note and send guys like Luke Masterson, Traveon Redd, and Miles Fox out with a bang.

If the game isn’t played, Wake(and the ACC) wont receive the payout from the Gator Bowl which throws another kick in the nads for this program.

Just a shame.