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Wake Forest vs. Boston College Game Cancelled

The Deacs pick up a free win

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DEC 17 Hall of Fame Shootout - Wake Forest v Charlotte Photo by William Howard/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Wake Forest basketball game planned for tomorrow against Boston College has been cancelled due to an outbreak of covid-19 on the BC team.

UPDATE: The ACC has changed the COVID policy effective Wednesday so this game is now a no contest instead of a forfeit. Wake Forest remains 1-0 in the ACC.

Per the rules decided upon by the ACC at the beginning of the season, the game has been deemed a forfeit for Boston College, which means that Wake Forest is now 2-0 in the ACC. A free win is cool and all, but I would way rather the ACC reschedule the game or just cancel the game outright so that the Deacs could schedule another opponent. As far as I can tell, the Division I handbook allows teams to play 28 games plus a 3-game tournament (or 29 games with a 2-game tournament), which means that with 20 conference games and the Emerald Coast Classic (which was technically 3 games because it included the NC A&T game), the Deacs are only allowed 8 non-conference games this season. Obviously, Wake has already played those eight games, so unless future games are cancelled, I don’t think they can schedule any more opponents.

This is definitely not the last game on the schedule that will have to be cancelled or postponed, as the omicron variant of the coronavirus seems to be spreading rapidly through teams of every major sport. Just this week it forced the NFL to postpone games and rearrange the schedule so that teams would be able to play. The ACC and the conference’s athletic directors are meeting on Wednesday to discuss changing the covid policy, so there is a chance that these games will not result in a forfeit going forward. That is probably for the best because the next few weeks will likely see a number of games not being played. It also just doesn’t seem fair to punish teams that are following all the rules they were given but still end up with players in the protocol just because of how contagious the omicron variant is. Here’s hoping everyone stays healthy this season.