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BSD Staff Predictions: Syracuse Orange

Predictions for Syracuse

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Deacs just keep right on winning, and now sit at 5-0 overall and 3-0 in the ACC. Once again, everyone picked the Deacs to win and everyone was right. This week, Wake is traveling up to Syracuse in a game that many in the media of listed as their upset of the week. Will anyone pick against the favorite, or will we all continue to ride the hot streak.

Prediction Record

Name Winner Spread O/U
Name Winner Spread O/U
Adam 11-1 6-6 5-7
Cam 10-2 7-5 10-2
Elijah 11-1 7-5 6-6
SF 10-2 7-5 6-6

Game Info

Adam: Wake 34—Syracuse 24 | Wake -6 | Under

I won’t lie, after the defense struggled to slow down the Louisville rushing attack last weekend, I am more worried about this game than I was at the start of the season. Syracuse is a team that doesn’t have much of a passing game this year (they have 2 receivers with over 10 receptions through 5 games and 1 of them just entered the transfer portal), but their rushing attack has been really good. Starting running back Sean Tucker is averaging 6 yards per carry and has already run for 630 yards and 7 touchdowns this season (though 4 of the TDs were against Albany). Starting QB Garrett Shrader has also run for 7 touchdowns this season despite only playing meaningful minutes in 3 games. The Orange rushing attack as a whole is averaging over 220 yards per game on the ground and 5.4 yards per carry.

All that being said, I don’t think Syracuse is anywhere near as good as Louisville, and the Deacs have a couple advantages in this one that they didn’t have last week. Firstly, Miles Fox is back on the depth chart, so that hopefully means he’ll be back in the trenches clogging up the running lanes. Secondly, the Syracuse offense is far more one dimensional than that of Louisville, which should allow the defense to focus more on the run. I don’t think the Syracuse defense has played a team yet with a good offense this season, and they are already allowing opponents to complete over 70% of their passes. Deacs should take care of business on the road before heading into the bye week 6-0.

Elijah: Wake 31—Syracuse 28 | Cuse +6 | Over

The Deacs hope to stay undefeated and remain the class of the ACC. Playing in the dome could be a tough environment, considering the Deacs being fortunate to spend most of their time at home and outside so far this season. The Deacon defense improvement is real and will continue to be important. Offensively, look for Sam Hartman to build upon perhaps his best game of the season. Wake Forest should win this game but I think it’ll be a close one like last week. Deacs win, 31-28.

Cam: Wake 35—Syracuse 24 | Wake -6 | Over

Wake 35-24. We get annoyed with Syracuse, people try to fire Lyle Hemphill because the best running back in the ACC gets 100 yards and a couple of touchdowns, but Wake gets up a couple of scores heading into the fourth and the running backs salt this game. Wake will try to make this one a track meet, and Syracuse won’t be able to keep up. Plus, I think teams like liberty tried to #EstablishIt way too much. Willis had a great game through the air and I expect similar from Sam on more attempts

SF: Wake 34—Syracuse 27 | Wake -6 | Over

Wake 34-27. Like usual a game in the Carrier Dome gets weird, but there’s no way Syracuse ends up outgunning Wake.

Average: Wake 34—Syracuse 26 | Wake -6 | Over

Shockingly, everyone has picked Wake Forest to win the game. We haven’t been wrong yet, so hopefully we are all right yet again. Go Deacs!