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How to Talk to your Family about a Top 10 Wake Forest Football team

Unprecedented times!

NCAA Football: Duke at Wake Forest James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time EVER, Wake Forest football is ranked in the top 10 of the polls.

We’ve all gotten tired of the “unprecedented times” we hear about at work, in emails, online, it’s gotten to be a burden. But this is one unprecedented time I think we can all get behind.

The question is now... how do you explain it to others?

I’d liken it to when your son starts T-ball and he’s the best one on the field. Then, he starts Little League and Babe Ruth and he’s still the best one out there so the thought of him making the big leagues creeps into your mind; but you look at the lack of athletic prowess of your wife and yourself, and you begin to recognize why the other parents don’t think he’ll be able to catch up to the 103 mph pitches he’d see at the most upper echelon of the game. But that doesn’t mean you won’t buy him the most expensive bat every year to improve his odds, feverishly yell at the scouts attending his high school games saying he deserves a seat at the table, and be proud of him mashing 3rd graders’ faces into the dirt in the meantime.

We are those parents right now, feverishly yelling at people on Twitter who continue to undervalue this team. Chomping at the bit when Vegas and advanced stats don’t like the team and pointing to the results. It’s been a fun ride this year and there’s still a month left, so I implore you all to keep it going.

While there’s a lot of season left to be played for this to be derailed if anyone tells you to calm down, “you haven’t played anybody”, or to just wait until they finally fall on their face, you can tell them where to shove it because this season has been a blast and no one can take that away from the players, the coaching staff or the fans.

When you bring your family and friends in to break the news, make sure they’re seated, no sharp objects are around, and they’ve had enough water to make it through this accomplishment.

With that being said, this comes with a warning: never go full UCF. What I mean by that is, Wake has racked up enough goodwill to be the team that is just so annoying about their team to the point of becoming “that fanbase” and everyone hates you.

This is such a fun team man.

This offense is electric: a three-headed monster at running back to always have fresh legs with Christian Beal-Smith, Justice Ellison, and Christian Turner. Two legitimate Biletnikoff contenders in A.T. Perry and Jaquarii Roberson, while players like Taylor Morin, Donald Stewart, and Ke’shawn Williams are more than good enough to spell them. An experienced offensive line. And Sam bleeping Hartman who has surpassed essentially every expectation any reasonable person would have had for him.

The defense has been opportunistic: people were (rightfully) down on them after the Army game, but they’ve shown multiple times this year that when they’re healthy, the bend don't break strategy has been more than effective, including holding UVA to their lowest point total of the year BY FAR. Experience has shown with guys like Nasir Greer, Traveon Redd, Miles Fox and Luke Masterson leading the way. They’ve also gotten some great play from youngsters such as Caelen Carson, Gavin Holmes, Evan Slocum, and Jasheen Davis.

I don’t know how much longer this ride is going to last but dammit I’m having so much fun on it.

Go Deacs