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Isaiah Mucius set to Return to Wake

exhale of relief

Wake Forest v Duke Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

There will at least be one!

Isaiah Mucius has decided, with the coaching switch from Danny Manning, to continue his collegiate basketball career with the Deacs.

This is a welcome sight from a team that has had Ody Oguama, Ismael Massoud, Jacohbi Neath, Olivier Sarr, the guy across the street and your local janitor all enter the transfer portal in the last 48 hours.

It’s great to see that Steve Forbes’ recruiting pitch has at the very least started to work on important recruits, and keeping one of the most talented players on the roster is quite the important one. It’ll be intriguing to see how many decide to leave the portal and come back to Wake.

One important thing to remember here that Forbes wants to do is focus on having a tough defense and, while Wake didn’t grade out numbers wise, Mucius has the length and speed to be one of the best defenders in the ACC. Offensively, Mucius took a big leap in FG%(up 10%), rebounds(up 1.6 per game), and his ORtg went from 77.5 to 96.9(this is a big leap)

I’m personally excited to see him back and become an important recruiter to both the ones in the transfer portal as well as some new blood into Wake.

With each passing day I get more and more excited with this hire and think Forbes is gonna keep continuing to crush the next day, month, years here in Winston-Salem

What do you want to see next from Forbes?

Go Deacs