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All-Time Greatest Wake Forest Basketball Team Bracket Champions: 1994-95

Sophomore Tim Duncan and Senior Randolph Childress Propel the Team to Victory

Randolph Childress

The results for the Championship matchup of the Wake Forest basketball all-time teams bracket featuring the 1994-95 team taking on the 1995-96 team are in.

This 16 team bracket was one in which you the readers voted on in polls posted on the Blogger So Dear twitter page, similar to what SportsCenter and the ACC basketball pages did. You, the readers, were given the chance to choose the greatest Wake Forest basketball single season team ever.

Each of the four regions is named after the coach of the #1 seeded team in that region.

Below is a look at the final bracket:

You can view the details of each team in the first article on this bracket.

The score listed is the number of votes for each team from the combined twitter poll and comments. A fantasy scenario summary has been added for fun.

Championship Matchup

1) 1994-95 51

2) 1995-96 49

You, the readers of Blogger So Dear, have spoken, and chosen the 1994-95 ACC Champions as the greatest single season Wake Forest Demon Deacon basketball team of all-time.

Sophomore Tim Duncan held his own against his year older self inside, though he couldn't stop him completely. The addition of Scooter Banks gave the 94-95 team another rebounder and scorer, and of course Randolph Childress had a huge impact on the game. It was close the entire way, and just like the 1995 ACC Tournament final game, it came down to a last second shot by Childress (or in real life an added comment on the blog) to put the 94-95 team over the top.

The greatest Demon Deacon basketball team of all time:

Randolph Childress, Senior, Guard

Tim Duncan, Sophomore, Center

Travis “Scooter” Banks, Senior, Forward

Ricardo “Ricky” Peral, Sophomore, Forward

Rusty LaRue, Junior, Guard

Tony Rutland, Freshman, Guard

Jerry Braswell, Freshman, Guard

Steven Goolsby, Freshman, Guard

Antonio Jackson, Freshman, Guard

Barry Canty, Junior, Guard

Sean Allen, Sophomore, Forward/Center

Ken Herbst, Sophomore, Forward

Matt Burns, Freshman, Guard

Marc Scott, Sophomore, Guard

Matt Simpson, Sophomore, Guard

Head Coach: Dave Odom

Assistant Coaches: Ricky Stokes, Ernie Nestor, Russell Turner

Thanks to all who participated in this activity, and I hope you found it a fun way to help fill the void of college basketball and as a fun distraction from the news. If you would like to see more brackets like this or have any further ideas for articles like this or anything, feel free to share them in the comments or on Twitter @bloggersodear.

Go Deacs and stay safe and well!