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All-Time Greatest Wake Forest Basketball Team Championship Round

The championship round will feature a Tim Duncan vs. Tim Duncan matchup

Louisville v WakeFor

The results for the Final Four of the Wake Forest basketball all-time teams bracket are in.

This 16 team bracket is one in which you the readers can vote on in polls posted on the Blogger So Dear twitter page, similar to what SportsCenter and the ACC basketball pages are doing. If you do not have Twitter, you may vote by commenting here. You have the chance to choose the greatest Wake Forest basketball single season team ever.

Each of the four regions is named after the coach of the #1 seeded team in that region.

Below is a look at the updated bracket:

You can view the details of each team in the first article on this bracket.

Scores listed are the number of votes for each team from the combined twitter poll and comments. Fantasy scenario summaries have been added for fun,

Dave Odom Region vs. Carl Tacy Region

1) 1994-95 55

3) 2003-04 19

The 1994-95 team rides Randolph Childress’ hot hand and Tim Duncan’s dominance on both ends of the floor to another blowout victory, and advances to the championship round. Chris Paul did his best and put up a good fight, but Eric Williams got in foul trouble trying to defend Duncan, and the 03-04 team just couldn't keep up inside. The lack of a defensive identity really hurt the 03-04 team, and the memories of an ACC championship help the 94-95 team cruise to victory.

Bones McKinney Region vs. Skip Prosser Region

2) 2008-09 37

2) 1995-96 57

Bobby Hoekstra did his best to help the 2008-09 team get to the championship round, but in the end Tim Duncan proves to just be too much.

Tim Duncan doesn't let anybody get in his head, not even Chas McFarland, and the 08-09 team simply didn't have an answer for the future Hall of Famer. And when you have Timmy D on the team, you don't need a really deep bench, as you can just give the ball to him pretty much every time. 08-09 put up a great fight, but that ACC Championship carries 95-96 into the finals where they face their year younger selves.

Championship Matchup Preview

Sophomore Tim Duncan takes on junior Tim Duncan in the championship of the All-Time Greatest Wake Forest Basketball Team Bracket, Dave Odom tries to out-coach himself, and players try to find ways to stop themselves.

1994-95 Head Coach: Dave Odom

1994-95 Starting Lineup:

PG: Tony Rutland (6-2 Freshman, 5.8 Points, 1.9 Rebounds, 1.6 Assists, 1.1 Steals)

SG: Randolph Childress (6-2 Senior, 20.1 Points, 3.6 Rebounds, 5.2 Assists, 1.5 Steals)

SF: Travis “Scooter” Banks (6-6 Senior, 9.1 Pointts, 7.0 Rebounds, 1.8 Assists)

PF: Ricardo “Ricky” Peral (6-10 Sophomore, 6.7 Points, 3.6 Rebounds, 0.9 Assists)

C: Tim Duncan (6-10 Sophomore, 16.8 Points, 12.5 Rebounds, 2.1 Assists, 4.2 Blocks)

1994-95 Bench:

G Rusty LaRue (6-2 Junior, 6.0 Points, 1.9 Rebounds, 0.9 Assists)

G Jerry Braswell (6-1 Freshman, 3.9 Points, 1.1 Rebounds, 0.6 Assists)

G Steven Goolsby (6-4 Freshman, 2.7 Points, 0.6 Rebounds, 0.1 Assists)

G Barry Canty (6-4 Junior, 1.5 Points, 0.8 Rebounds, 0.4 Assists)

G Antonio Jackson (6-2 Freshman, 1.5 Points, 1.1 Rebounds, 0.1 Assists)

1) 1994-95 (26-6, 12-4), Sweet Sixteen, #1 Overall Seed

The 1994-95 Wake Forest basketball team won both the ACC regular season and ACC Tournament Championships. Led by ACC Coach of the Year Dave Odom, it featured two of the greatest Demon Deacons of all time in Randolph Childress and Tim Duncan. The team earned the only #1 seed in Wake Forest history in the NCAA Tournament.

1995-96 Head Coach: Dave Odom

1995-96 Starting Lineup:

PG: Tony Rutland (6-2 Sophomore, 11.9 Points, 2.7 Rebounds, 3.9 Assists, 1.2 Steals)

SG: Rusty LaRue (6-2 Senior, 10.1 Points, 3.0 Rebounds, 1.9 Assists)

SF: Ricardo “Ricky” Peral (6-10 Junior, 9.4 Points, 4.3 Rebounds, 1.4 Assists)

PF: Sean Allen (6-8 Junior, 5.0 Points, 4.4 Rebounds, 1.0 Assists)

C: Tim Duncan (6-11 Junior, 19.1 Points, 12.3 Rebounds, 2.9 Assists, 3.8 Blocks)

1995-96 Bench:

G Jerry Braswell (6-1 Sophomore, 7.2 Points, 2.1 Rebounds, 1.6 Assists)

G Steven Goolsby (6-4 Sophomore, 4.6 Points, 1.7 Rebounds, 0.6 Assists)

G Antonio Jackson (6-2 Sophomore, 2.1 Points, 1.9 Rebounds, 0.2 Assists)

C William Stringfellow (6-9 Freshman, 1.5 Points, 2.1 Rebounds, 0.2 Assists)

G Joseph Amonett (6-5 Freshman, 0.8 Points, 0.3 Rebounds, 0.1 Assists)

2) 1995-96 (26-6, 12-4), Elite Eight, #2 Seed

The 1995-96 Wake Forest basketball team is only a #2 seed because I didn’t want to have back-to-back teams as #1 seeds, and I certainly wouldn’t be shocked to see the 2 seed come out of this region. Led by Coach Dave Odom and consensus All-American and ACC Player of the Year junior Tim Duncan, the Deacs went back-to-back as ACC Tournament champions for the second time in school history, joining the 1960-61 and 1961-62 teams in accomplishing this feat. The hopes of a second Final Four appearance were derailed against #1 Kentucky when sophomore guard Tony Rutland was still unable to play due to a knee injury suffered in the ACC Championship game.

Can the 95-96 team stop Randolph Childress? Can a sophomore Tim Duncan stop an even more dominant junior Tim Duncan? Does Scooter Banks make a difference in this matchup?

The championship round of voting begins today and will run through tomorrow evening at 10:30pm. Be sure to check in and vote on the BSD twitter page or in the comments below if you don’t have twitter! Go Deacs and stay safe and well!