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Wake Forest sends 9 players to the NFL

9 fantastic players find great homes

NFL Combine - Day 5 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

April 25th will go down as a very, very memorable day in Wake Forest sports history.

In the football world, the final day of the NFL draft took place and well... lets just dive in shall we?

Justin Strnad - 5th Round by Denver Broncos

One of the best tacklers in the NCAA is heading to the Mile High City. He appears to immediately slot into the defense in sub-packages and I’d imagine they’d love to have someone with his skillset immediately on special teams. Congrats Justin!

Justin Herron - 6th Round by New England Patriots

Continuing the Justin trend, Justin Herron gets to learn from the best yuck in the business in Bill Belichick in Foxboro. It appears he’s making the move to guard after being a fantastic Left Tackle at Wake, but if it helps him succeed i’m all in. Congrats Justin!!!

Kendall Hinton - UDFA signed by Denver Broncos

There’s something to Wake Forest players traveling in packs, as Kendall Hinton has decided to sign with the Denver Broncos and join Strnad. Teams are trying to get faster and faster and signing a player with the speed and athleticism that Hinton has is a great move. So proud of Kendall sticking through all the adversity and now gets a shot to make an impact. Congrats Kendall!

Scotty Washington - UDFA signed by Cincinnati Bengals

Scotty Washington gets a very favorable landing spot heading to the quietly soon to be good Bengals to join some guys named Joe Burrow, A.J. Green, Tee Higgins and Jessie Bates. Whoever those kids may be. Scotty getting to learn how to use his larger frame from someone as talented as Green could not be a better place for him. I hate how your last year ended Scotty, but excited to watch you tear it up in the pros! Congrats, Scotty!

Jake Benzinger - UDFA signed by Arizona Cardinals

Jake Benzinger is gonna get to take on the wild, wild west as he prepares to fit into the Air Raid offense with the Cardinals. Sean Kugler is regarded as one of the best OL coaches in the league and I’m excited to see the next steps here. Congrats Jake!

Amari Henderson - UDFA signed by Jacksonville Jaguars

12 of the graduating #BermudaBoyz gets to head to Duval to make his case for the Jacksonville Jaguars. A team trying to revamp their defense, Henderson’s style of play could prove to pay dividends in terms of making the team. Forever underrated, congrats Amari!

Dom Maggio - UDFA signed by Baltimore Ravens

HOW MUCH HELP DOES LAMAR JACKSON NEED?? After a historic career at Wake, Dom gets to showcase his talents for the Baltimore Ravens and help take them over the edge to a Super Bowl. Congrats Dom!

Nate Gilliam - UDFA signed by LA Chargers

There seems to be a theme that Wake Forest players just like the west coast better? Nate Gilliam gets to head, in my opinion, to the best jerseys in the league with the LA Chargers. I’m very intrigued by this fit, and Nate has always been an extremely hard worker so I am excited to see where this leads. Congrats Nate!

Essang Bassey - UDFA signed by Denver Broncos

Last, but certainly not least, “The Chosen One” has found a home. I’m kinda stunned he didnt get drafted, but as a benefit to not he gets to choose where he landed. An absolute stud in college and gets to work with the likes of A.J. Bouye and Bryce Callahan. Oh and those Kendall and Justin Strnad kids too. Congrats Essang!!

I’m so bleeping proud of all of these guys for making it to the next step.

Just let me know where to buy the jerseys.

Go Deacs!