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SBNation’s March Madness Extravaganza: How Wake Forest Can Make The NCAA Tournament (Hint: There’s One Way)

To make sure Blogger So Dear helps to boost the SBN College community and helps to boost SELECTION SUNDAY HYPE~! I’m going to make this post. I’m not trolling or anything...entirely, anyway.

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Resume

Win/Loss Record: 13-17 (6-14 ACC, T-15)

Best Win: vs. Duke, 2/25

Worst Loss: @Charlotte, 11/17/19

RPI Ranking: 146

kenpom Rating: 99

The Way In

Like I said, there’s one way, and everyone knows what it is. Wake Forest has to win the ACC Tournament from one of the bottom seeds. Betting odds have Wake as a +10000 to win, the only team lower being Boston College at +15000. That means that Wake is 100:1 odds, for those who aren’t sure how to read money lines (like me, until about half an hour ago). So here’s the upside. Put a dollar on Wake to win! If they don’t, you’re out a dollar. If they pull off probably one of the bigger upsets in recent college basketball history, you’ll get yourself $100! Here are some things you can do with this hypothetical $100:

  • Invest it.
  • Go to the movies probably, I dunno, 5-10 times here in North Carolina?
  • Take a loved one out to a really nice dinner.
  • Buy the entire series of The Golden Girls on DVD via Amazon and still have some change left over.
  • Pay for a year’s worth or more of a multitude of subscription services, including Hulu, Crunchyroll (if you’re into anime), DC Universe (if you’re into comics), Disney+. and probably others I haven’t mentioned.
  • Make a potentially viral tweet by tipping a server $100 on like, a $5 bill.
  • Plant 100 trees via charity One Tree Planted, which could hypothetically absorb 480 pounds of carbon emissions in a year, which is a little over 10% of the average American’s yearly emissions (20 tons, just for the record).
  • Cover around half of an average priced season ticket seat for football.
  • Buy yourself a 4TB external hard drive for a gaming console. Speaking as someone who’s had one for years, it’s pretty swell!
  • Subscribe to 20 streamers on for a month, or gift 20 subscriptions to others like a nerdy Santa Claus.
  • Buy a couple shares of Verizon stock if you’re willing to front about $12. Why would you? I dunno, why would you bet a dollar? Don’t ask me, I’m doing this for the content.

That’s just a dollar! Go nuts and put a fiver on it and boy howdy, the possibilities...well, they aren’t endless, but they get a lot more expansive.

How would Wake Forest win the ACC Tournament? Brandon Childress can channel his dad the most literal way yet and score something like 100 points over the course of several games. Olivier Sarr can turn into Giannis Antetokuonmpo. We can find out that the past five years have actually been a long form sports movie filming with a climax like Miracle, The Mighty Ducks, Remember The Titans, or Hoosiers, and we’re finally at the end.

Wake’s ACC Tournament begins tomorrow, March 10, where they battle the Pittsburgh Panthers at 4:30 on the ACC Network. If you really want that Golden Girls box set, find a dollar and consider putting a whole lot of faith in a big time long shot.

Thanks for reading, and as always, Go Deacs.