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Wake Forest Basketball All-Time Team Bracket Elite Eight

It’s the elite eight, and there were some upsets in the Sweet Sixteen

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Des Moines Practice Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The results for the Sweet Sixteen of the Wake Forest basketball all-time teams bracket are in.

This 16 team bracket is one in which you the readers can vote on in polls posted on the Blogger So Dear twitter page, similar to what SportsCenter and the ACC basketball pages are doing. If you do not have Twitter, you may vote by commenting here. You have the chance to choose the greatest Wake Forest basketball single season team ever.

Each of the four regions is named after the coach of the #1 seeded team in that region.

Below is a look at the updated bracket:

You can view the details of each team in the first article on this bracket.

Recency bias seems to be a factor in the voting.

Scores listed are the number of votes for each team from the combined twitter poll and comments. Fantasy scenario summaries have been added for fun,

Dave Odom Region

#1 1994-95 39

#4 1996-97 18

The 1994-95 team featuring senior Randolph Childress and sophomore Tim Duncan takes down Tim Duncan’s senior year 1996-97 team 39-18 votes. That ACC Championship and another stellar performance from Childress beyond the arc appears to push them to the easy win.

#2 1983-84 40

#3 1952-53 14

The 1983-84 team takes down the 1952-53 team 40-14 votes. It looks like Dickie Hemric couldn't quite push the 52-53 team over the edge for the upset by himself, in spite of his heroic efforts.

Elite Eight Preview

Duncan and Childress look to continue their run as fan favorites and take down Tacy’s team that featured future NBA players Kenny Green, Danny Young, Delaney Rudd, and freshman Muggsy Bogues, as well as All-ACC player Anthony Teachey.

Carl Tacy Region

#1 1976-77 29

#4 2009-10 30

The 2009-10 team barely squeaks by with the upset, taking down the #1 seed 1976-77 team 30-29 votes. Coach Tacy’s team is sent home early by Al-Farouq Aminu and company, and Ish Smith hits another buzzer beater to give this squad yet another last second win.

#2 1992-93 19

#3 2003-04 35

The 2003-04 team, led by freshman Chris Paul, takes down Rodney Rogers and Randolph Childress’s team 35-19 votes. The depth and fast pace of the 03-04 squad proves to be too much for the 92-93 team as Childress and Rogers struggle without a third weapon.

Elite Eight Preview

The “cinderella” of the bracket, the 2009-10 team looks to use their experience and athleticism to take down the 2003-04 team in a region where both lower seeds advanced. Intriguing matchups in this one include Chris Paul vs. Ish Smith, Justin Gray vs. freshman C.J. Harris, Jamaal Levy vs. L.D. Williams, Vytas Danelius vs. Al-Farouq Aminu, and “Big E” Eric Williams vs. Chas McFarland.

Bones McKinney Region

#1 1961-62 34

#4 1999-2000 17

The 1961-62 team, the only Final Four team in Wake Forest history and the #1 overall seed, takes down the NIT Champion 1999-2000 team 34-17 votes. Len Chappell has another monstrous game, Darius Songaila gets in foul trouble early trying to stop Chappell, and the 61-62 squad rolls to victory once again.

#2) 2008-09 30

#3) 2002-03 26

The 2008-09 team, led by four future NBA players and formidable walk-on Bobby Hoekstra, takes down Josh Howard and company 30-26 votes. The talent on the 08-09 team is just too much for the youth of the 02-03 team to overcome.

Elite Eight Preview

The 2008-09 team looks to continue their chance at redemption by facing off against the #1 overall seed in the 1961-62 team as the only Final Four team in Wake Forest history. With 08-09 team member Bobby Hoekstra garnering votes, the Final Four team faces perhaps its toughest matchup yet.

Skip Prosser Region

#1) 2004-05 60

#4) 1960-61 12

In the first of two complete blowouts, the 2004-05 team outruns the 1960-61 team in part because Len Chappell has no help inside defending a starting lineup of three guys who are 6-9. The 60-61 team struggles to run with the 04-05 team, and ultimately Chappell is just overwhelmed as he gets no help from the rest of the team. Justin Gray goes off for 30, and the 04-05 team avenges their loss to West Virginia.

#2) 1995-96 73

#3) 1990-91 0

The 1990-91 didn't receive a single vote in this one, in spite of the fact that they made it to the Sweet Sixteen and had four future NBA players. The youthful Rodney Rogers was unable to stop junior Tim Duncan from dominating inside on both ends of the court, and once again the ACC Champions prevail.

Elite Eight Preview

The 2004-05 team faded in the Round of 32 against West Virginia and fell in double overtime. They look to redeem themselves, but face a tough challenge against perhaps the strongest 2-seed in the bracket. Can “Big E” Eric Williams find a way to slow down Tim Duncan on the inside or will Duncan prove to be too much for the 04-05 squad to handle?

The next round of voting begins today and will run through Sunday evening at 8pm. Be sure to check in and vote on the BSD twitter page or in the comments below if you don't have twitter! Go Deacs and stay safe and well!