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Thank You

My tenure will be cut short as I move across the country but I will forever be thankful to our readers, colleagues, and DEACS.

NCAA Football: Birmingham Bowl-Memphis vs Wake Forest Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Every person in this world sees it differently from each other. In a way, that can be frustrating when we have misunderstandings or differences in opinion, especially with those we care for. However, we can look at it positively and find joy in each and every unique perspective as well. Seeing the same thing and finding distinctly different complimentary features can be even more satisfying than uniformity.

Today, I will choose to look at my situation this way.

I will be stepping away from Blogger So Dear.

Due to becoming a California resident soon, I do not have a choice in the matter. Could I be angry and frustrated? Sure.

But I choose not.

I look back on all the positives that this opportunity has given me. From meeting amazing people that I hope to have lifelong relationships with to experiencing such great joys in Wake Forest Athletic events, this time of my life was fun and wholesome and provided escape from the “real world”.

I’ll never forget my trip to Birmingham to watch from Press Row with Les and Conor (the big media boys of Wake Forest Athletics). This would not have been a possibility without Vox Media.

There are countless other moments, conversations, games, and memories that were made while being a part of this team. I will never forget them and hope that something I wrote, tweeted, or said brought at least a little bit of joy to someone else because I can never repay everyone back for the experiences that I’ve been blessed to enjoy.

With that being said, thank you so much to Blogger So Dear, the fellow contributors, and readers. I appreciate it all and wish nothing but the best.


Elijah Kim