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Congratulations to Our Players

I haven’t said much this season, but I have to say this.

NCAA Basketball: Duke at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, this one night, Brandon Childress made iconic clutch plays against one of the best teams in the country that put one in the mind of his father’s truly legendary career.

Tonight, this one night, Olivier Sarr looked every bit as dominant as any of the blue blood front court players of the Duke Blue Devils.

Tonight, this one night, every player in a Wake Forest uniform not only left everything out on the court (something I personally never question) but also weren’t just good enough to come close, they were good enough to win.

Tonight, this one night, a set of Wake Forest students who have never known the experience got to rush the court and mob a set of euphoric, victorious players and lose their minds to a television audience of (probably, anyway) millions.

This shouldn’t change the future, though I’m not going to lie, I’m terrified it will (make of that what you will). One win does not undo years of disappointment for fans and players alike. One win shouldn’t change what the administration does in the offseason, though it might. But one win just made a hometown kid, in his last shot to do so, able to play the hero and slay the beasts from Durham when, in his own words, nobody believed in him. Nobody believed he was good enough.

You are good enough, Brandon. You did it. Nobody can take that away from you. And while I may be frustrated by the fact that this team can get a win like this while being coached to another likely losing season, I can’t stay upset. The players deserve this and earned it. The fans in attendance deserved it too, and they’ve had far too few chances to experience that thrill for the last several years.

Drink it in, guys. If nothing else, you’ll always have tonight. Congratulations, and Go Deacs.