Wake's Women Receive Top 25 Votes for Two Straight Weeks

You could certainly say that it's been a long time since Wake Forest women's basketball has had a strong team. While there have been some moderate successes in recent decades, Wake actually hasn't had a winning ACC record since 1987-88. That was also their only NCAA tournament appearance to date.

It's too early to make any major declarations, but things might (finally) be looking up this year, and the committee has taken notice. Wake received 9 votes last week after upsetting #24 Missouri State, and 5 votes this week after an admittedly too-close-for-comfort victory over Charlotte.

Still, Charlotte actually beat the Demon Deacons last year, so all early signs are pointing to a program on the rise. They will be tested on Thursday, when they open up conference play against UNC.

The Tar Heels are undefeated so far, but haven't played any major opponents. Like Wake Forest, they also are coming off of a close victory over Charlotte. It should be a tough game, but a winnable one.

Tip-off is at 6:00 P.M, and it's a home game for the Deacs.

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