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Recap in Haiku: Wake Forest Throws Away Win, Falls To Wisconsin 42-28

I have no words. Well, very few. On multiple fronts.

Duke’s Mayo Bowl - Wake Forest v Wisconsin Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Season of giving?

Why yes, it certainly was

No oof big enough

Let me be clear. I am not saying Wake Forest definitely would have won the game without the FOUR interceptions, but I’m not necessarily not saying it. This thing was a nip and tuck affair, and then all of a sudden there were Demon Deacon interceptions in bunches like it was going out of style. Listen, I make it a policy to never single out guys in negative ways, at least not in a vacuum. But let’s just say Sam Hartman, after a pretty darn solid first half (well, especially the first quarter) found himself on the Struggle Bus big time, and well...tough to win games with 4 turnovers, let’s just say that. I do wanna park here for a second though. Kid had a bad game, no denying that. I’m sure nobody feels that more than he does. But seriously, y’all? Going after him on social media? It’d be one thing if he was a pro getting paid millions (even then it’s a little yikes, but it’s at least a little “better”) but for crying out loud, he’s a kid wrecking his body for almost nothing (don’t get me started on the scholarship argument, just don’t do it; I am in a rare mood today). How pathetic are we as a society that we viciously, in a targeted way, go after KIDS on social media for having a BAD GAME? I realize I’m verging on Mike Gundy territory here, but seriously guys, it’s gross as heck. Be better. How would y’all feel if some jackwagon started heckling you at your desk when you had a bad day at work? Sheesh.

That said, it was a BAD day for the Wake offense, save for an insane performance from Jaquarii Roberson (8 catches, 131 yards, 3 TDs) and a couple really cool runs from Christian Beal-Smith (including what in my opinion would have been the run of the year if it had been a touchdown, and even then it was close). The defense largely did their thing, but they were put in basically impossible positions.

Not really sure what else to say here other than I’ll be beyond glad to see the back of 2020, this season was dumb, thanks to the players for putting it out there every week, and hopefully next year and next season will suck significantly less for literally everyone involved on pretty much every level.

Sam, if you’re reading this by any chance, chin up, dude. I don’t think I could handle my worst “professional” days being put on blast like that, I’ll tell you that much. Sure, the adulation is probably pretty awesome when you’re doing well, but I don’t know if I’d have the strength to handle the roughness of the flip side. To those on social media being so brutal, y’all kinda disgust me. Just saying.

On to the next year, season, and lord willing, the next pretty much everything, because as far as this “ride” goes, man do I ever wanna get off. Stay safe everybody, and a happy, healthy, and safe New Year. As always, Go Deacs.