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Wake Forest depth chart for Duke’s Mayo Bowl

Does this actually mean anything?

Wake Forest v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Wake Forest finally released their depth chart for the bowl game against Wisconsin, and well for the first time in months, we’ve seen a substantial change from the last one.

Wide Receiver

At receiver, we’ve seen a decent shakeup. Instead of starting opposite Donavon Greene, AT Perry is now listed behind him. Taylor Morin is now listed as the other starting receiver with Nolan Groulx behind him. Donald Stewart and Jahmal Banks are listed behind Perry, while Ke’Shawn Williams is now shown as the primary backup to Jaquarii Roberson.

To me, this is the best grouping of the receivers we’ve seen. Greene, Roberson, and Morin have been by far the best three receivers on the team this year. Morin has shown he’s not afraid to go up and get the ball and run routes both outside and in the slot. This also allows Wake to have a bit more flexibility. If they need to spell Greene for a bit, they can still have Perry on the field as a deep threat. If they need to spell Roberson, they still have both Greene and Morin on the field while getting Williams some much-needed reps and he’s shown to have the ability to be a game-breaker. If they need to spell Morin, Groulx isn’t left out there to fend by himself and can start showing why he was a highly touted recruit.

Defensive Line

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll have seen that Boogie Basham has opted out. This leaves Rondell Bothroyd to firmly entrench himself as the field end of the future with Isaiah Chaney backing him up. Tyler Williams still isn’t listed, while Dion Bergan and Shamar McCollum have disappeared from the chart signaling injuries or COVID-related absences. In their places are Will Smart, who seemed to earn his time against Louisville, and Royce Francis respectively.

The worry here is that this front has gotten noticeably thinner. This is gonna have to be a game that Wake needs to trust the younger guys. They have the ability to go three deep across the line and use guys like Jasheen Davis, Justin Williams, and Kendron Wayman. In a season that you’re supposed to be building anyways, you have to be getting these guys ready.

Other notes:

  • Gavin Holmes not listed, presumably shut down until the Spring with his hamstring injury
  • Ryan Smenda Jr. is now the starting linebacker again after not starting against Louisville and getting limited snaps
  • Trey Rucker not listed so also presumed done until Spring