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2020 National Signing Day: K Matthew Dennis Signs Letter Of Intent To Play For Wake Forest

The Deacs get another leg.

North Carolina v Wake Forest Photo by Brian A. Westerholt/Getty Images

Kicker Matthew Dennis has signed his letter of intent to play for Wake Forest. The Charlotte native is the 14th best kicker in the country, and is ranked a composite three star recruit by 247Sports. It’s tough to really gauge his leg based on the information I was able to track down, but I will say this; the kid clearly has a great heart, as he partnered with local charities to get money donated to battle childhood cancer last year, per this article from friend of BSD, Les Johns. Dennis also clearly had his heart set on being a Deacon (and vice versa), as Wake was the only school ever on his list. Some may take that as more of an indication of a lack of interest from other programs, but I prefer to think of it as Wake getting in early and making enough of an impression that Mr. Dennis knew where he wanted to end up very quickly. Kicking commits might not be sexy, but as Wake Forest fans know, a reliable kicking game can be absolutely massive. Looking at you, Sam Swank.

Welcome to the family, Matthew! As always, go Deacs!