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Former Wake Forest Quarterback/Wide Receiver Kendall Hinton Starting at QB for the Denver Broncos

With all Broncos QBs quarantined, Kendall Hinton gets the nod

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

In a series of… events, Wake Forest will have their first NFL starting quarterback since Norm Snead in 1976.

It’s 2020, so COVID-19 is very obviously running rampant in everyday life. In the NFL, the virus, as well as contact tracing from those who have tested positive for the virus, and in this case knocked out 4 quarterbacks for the Denver Broncos.

Instead of cancelling the game however, the teams are pressing on and the Broncos are turning to their college QB turned college slot receiver turned NFL practice squad receiver as their starter today.

While expectations are tempered as Hinton hasn’t taken a snap at quarterback in more than 2 years, and will be getting sent out cold, Kendall Hinton has shown he’s always been a player to do whatever the team needs, and do it well. When he was needed at QB he came in and added an electric spark to the offense with a pretty deep ball and athleticism that jumped off the page. When Wake needed an option at slot receiver, Hinton stepped in and became one of the best slot receivers in the ACC, being both a dependable 3rd down option and one that can break a play wide open.

If you’re looking for a quote on what one of the best coaches in college football had to say the last time Hinton started at QB:

I know where I’m going to be at 4:05 today, right on my couch watching this game on Fox. Time to show the world what you got K2. Deacon Nation is right behind you every step, or throw, along the way.

Go Deacs!