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2020 BSD ACC Football Power Rankings: Edition 6

Notre Dame upset Clemson, but does that really change much?

Clemson v Notre Dame Photo by Matt Cashore-Pool/Getty Images

It’s time for another edition of the series in which we attempt to rank the Atlantic Coast Conference football teams in our weekly power rankings series in 2020. There are no divisions this year, and Notre Dame is a member of the conference for this year only to add to the weirdness of the season. Without further ado, here are the rankings:

Overall Rankings

1) Notre Dame Fighting Irish (7-0, 6-0)

Average: 1.3

High: 1

Low: 2

Last Week: 2 (+1 Spot)

2) Clemson Tigers (7-1, 6-1)

Average: 1.6

High: 1

Low: 2

Last Week: 1 (-1 Spot)

3) Miami Hurricanes (6-1, 5-1)

Average: 3

High: 3

Low: 3

Last Week: 3 (No Change)

4) North Carolina Tar Heels (5-2, 5-2)

Average: 4

High: 4

Low: 4

Last Week: T-4 (No Change)

5) Wake Forest Demon Deacons (4-2, 3-2)

Average: 5

High: 5

Low: 5

Last Week: T-4 (-1 Spot)

6) NC State Wolfpack (4-3, 4-3)

Average: 6.3

High: 6

Low: 7

Last Week: 6 (No Change)

7) Virginia Tech Hokies (4-3, 4-2)

Average: 7

High: 6

Low: 8

Last Week: 7 (No Change)

8) Boston College Eagles (5-3, 4-3)

Average: 8

High: 7

Low: 9

Last Week: 8 (No Change)

9) Virginia Cavaliers (2-4, 2-4)

Average: 9

High: 8

Low: 10

Last Week: 9 (No Change)

10) Pittsburgh Panthers (4-4, 3-4)

Average: 9.6

High: 9

Low: 10

Last Week: 11 (+1 Spot)

11) Louisville Cardinals (2-5, 1-5)

Average: 11.3

High: 11

Low: 12

Last Week: 10 (-1 Spot)

12) Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (2-5, 2-4)

Average: 11.6

High: 11

Low: 12

Last Week: 12 (No Change)

13) Florida State Seminoles (2-5, 1-5)

Average: 13.3

High: 13

Low: 14

Last Week: 13 (No Change)

14) Duke Blue Devils (2-6, 1-6)

Average: 13.6

High: 13

Low: 14

Last Week: 14 (No Change)

15) Syracuse Orange (1-7, 1-6)

Average: 15

High: 15

Low: 15

Last Week: 15 (No Change)

Individual Rankings


1. Notre Dame: I had half a mind to keep Clemson here after rewatching that game. But will reward Notre Dame for getting the job done.

2. Clemson: That Offensive Line is a mess and they’re playing with people off the street on defense right now. When they get healthy they’re going to beat Notre Dame by 20.

3. Miami: NC State played their super bowl vs Miami, but the Canes held on. D’Eriq King is a monster, but man they need to find a defense.

4. North Carolina: Duke is a miserable team and UNC showed that. UNC’s offense is a very good one, but not without their flaws. That run defense is still atrocious.

5. Wake Forest: Time will tell with these injuries, but they’re becoming an ascending football team on the surface and building a nice base for 2021.

6. Virginia Tech: This is where the rankings get... weird. A loss to a Liberty team that’s actually decent isn’t bad, but the way they loss was horrific.

7. NC State: They SHOULD beat an FSU team that has all but quit right?

8. Virginia: Methodical, ugly, football. They’re going to continue to give teams issues but the ceiling of the team isn’t high this year.

9. Boston College: An offense predicated on Jurkovic throwing 60 times a game isn’t a good offense.

10. Pitt: looked.. better with Pickett back?

11. Georgia Tech: Rapid fire time!

12: Louisville: exciting from time to time?

13. Duke: At least they try.

14. Florida State: They’ve straight up quit

15. Syracuse: I feel for this team


1. Clemson- I know they just lost to Notre Dame, but they were missing arguably the best player in college football and a lot of players on defense. Even with that and being on the road, they managed to take Notre Dame to overtime. If they meet again in the ACC CG, I have a feeling Clemson wins big.

2. Notre Dame- They are better than I gave them credit for; big win over #1 Clemson.

3. Miami- Almost lost to Bailey Hockman.

4. UNC- Easy win over Duke; their offense is just so good. The defense still needs some improvement.

5. Wake Forest- This week should decide who is 4 and who is 5.

6. NC State- The Wolfpack lost to a top 10 Miami team, but they were on the verge of winning it. QB is still issue for the Pack.

7. Boston College- It continues to surprise me that BC is good. Sure they only beat Cuse by 3, but somehow they’re 4-3 in the ACC.

8. Virginia Tech- A loss to Liberty at home is not great, even if they are undefeated.


10. Virginia- no game

11. Louisville- no game

12. Georgia Tech- no game

13. Florida State- blown out by Pitt; not much more to say.

14. Duke- blown out by UNC

15. Syracuse- still Syracuse


1) Notre Dame: They’re the only undefeated team left so I guess I have to put them at #1, but they were facing a Clemson team without half its defense and starting QB. Expect a rematch in the ACC Championship Game that probably goes the other way.

2) Clemson: I had to drop them from the top spot due to the loss, but it wasn't a blowout at all and they were missing so many players. Don't be surprised if they regain the top spot soon.

3) Miami: I had them fairly close to Notre Dame until they almost lost to NC State. That defense needs some improvement.

4) North Carolina: A very high-powered offense, but the defense and special teams still need some work. The line for this weekend seems high, but that game will tell us who the fourth best team in the conference is.

5) Wake Forest: The matchup with Carolina should tell us who the fourth best team in the conference is. Wake is trending up at the right time, so we’ll see what happens this weekend in Chapel Hill.

6) NC State: Nearly beat Miami, but still issues at QB and sometimes struggle to move the ball.

7) Virginia Tech: I realize Liberty is a Top 25 team (2020 is weird), but that's a bad loss at home.

8) Boston College: They have the potential to be good, but rely entirely too much on Phil Jurkovec’s arm.

9) Virginia: They have the potential to be a decent team if they could ever get healthy.

10) Pitt: They finally won another game, but it was against a very bad FSU team. They’ve been disappointing this year and underperformed expectations.

11) Louisville: They didn’t play this week, but the Cards can definitely wreak havoc in the ACC standings when playing to their full potential.

12) Georgia Tech: Geoff Collins has this team headed in the right direction and is building a great culture there. Expect them to be very competitive in a couple of years.

13) Florida State: The Noles look very bad, and not much can change that.

14) Duke: It’s time for David Cutcliffe to move on; Duke needs a fresh start.

15) Syracuse: Man this team is bad. One of the worst in recent ACC memory.

It’s still a very odd season. Heck Clemson even lost this week and moved down. Do you agree with our rankings? Comment below.