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2020 BSD ACC Football Power Rankings: Edition 4

The Deacs are moving up after 3 straight wins

Syndication: The Greenville News Ken Ruinard via Imagn Content Services, LLC

It’s the fourth edition of the series in which we attempt to rank the Atlantic Coast Conference football teams in our weekly power rankings series. There are no divisions this year, and Notre Dame is somehow a member of the conference to add to the weirdness of the season. Without further ado, here are the rankings:

Overall Rankings

1) Clemson Tigers (6-0, 5-0)

Average: 1

High: 1

Low: 1

Last Week: 1 (No Change)

2) Notre Dame Fighting Irish (5-0, 4-0)

Average: 2.3

High: 2

Low: 3

Last Week: 3 (+1 Spot)

3) Miami Hurricanes (5-1, 4-1)

Average: 2.6

High: 2

Low: 3

Last Week: 2 (-1 Spot)

4) North Carolina Tar Heels (4-1, 4-1)

Average: 4

High: 4

Low: 4

Last Week: 5 (+1 Spot)

5) Wake Forest Demon Deacons (3-2, 2-2)

Average: 5.6

High: 5

Low: 6

Last Week: 10 (+5 Spots)

6) NC State Wolfpack (4-2, 4-2)

Average: 6

High: 5

Low: 8

Last Week: 6 (No Change)

7) Virginia Tech Hokies (3-2, 3-2)

Average: 7

High: 7

Low: 7

Last Week: 4 (-3 Spots)

8) Boston College Eagles (4-2, 3-2)

Average: 7.3

High: 6

Low: 8

Last Week: 7 (-1 Spot)

9) Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (2-4, 2-3)

Average: 9.6

High: 9

Low: 11

Last Week: T-8 (-1 Spot)

10) Pittsburgh Panthers (3-4, 2-4)

Average: 10

High: 9

Low: 11

Last Week: T-8 (-2 Spots)

11) Louisville Cardinals (2-4, 1-4)

Average: 10.3

High: 10

Low: 11

Last Week: T-13 (+2 Spots)

12) Florida State Seminoles (2-4, 1-4)

Average: 12

High: 12

Low: 12

Last Week: 12 (No Change)

13) Virginia Cavaliers (1-4, 1-4)

Average: 13

High: 13

Low: 13

Last Week: 11 (-2 Spots)

14) Duke Blue Devils (1-5, 1-5)

Average: 14

High: 14

Low: 14

Last Week: 14 (No Change)

15) Syracuse Orange (1-5, 1-4)

Average: 15

High: 15

Low: 15

Last Week: 15 (No Change)

Individual Rankings


1. Clemson: LOL X4.

2. Notre Dame: Finally got an offense it seems, date with Clemson still looms large

.3. Miami: It feels like this offense is slightly regressing. Let’s see what happens when they’re healthy.

4. North Carolina: By process of elimination I have to put them here.

5. Wake Forest: Defense still needs to get better but it’s been night and day since the loss in Raleigh. Date with UNC looms in a couple of weeks.

6. Boston College: Process of elimination here as well, still think they need to find a run game or else Jurk’s arm is gonna fall off.

7. Virginia Tech: You can argue Wake won that game or VT lost it. Such a sloppy game for them. Think they still have the tools to be a really good team in the ACC.

8. NC State: Losing Leary to a dirty hit sucks so badly for them. Hopefully, they can keep things together.

9. Pitt: NC State actually broke Pitt. Sigh.

10. Louisville: After 8 it starts being a dumpster fire so I guess?

11. Georgia Tech: This team is just annoying x2.

12. Florida State: Thanks for beating UNC, but what on earth was that against Louisville?

13. Virginia: I have so many questions about all the transfers these guys brought in, seems... not that impactful. Get Brennan Armstrong some help.

14. Duke: LOL Chase Brice is even worse than i thought and now Mark Gilbert said screw this.

15. Syracuse: This team is inexcusably bad and hurt.


1. Clemson: they are Clemson

2. Miami: only loss is to Clemson

3. Notre Dame: kind of a toss up between ND and Miami for 2-3, but Miami has looked better to me

4. North Carolina: 1 pretty bad loss (from 1 really bad half) but they smacked a ranked NC State team this weekend.

5. NC State: big loss to UNC but it was on the road to a top 15 team and with qb troubles

6. Wake Forest: big win over a ranked VT team, 3 game win streak. Looks like the defense is improving

7. Virginia Tech: lost on the road to Wake, I think their offense is still really good but their defense is kind of bad

8. Boston College: they’re 4-2 but their schedule hasn’t been particularly difficult.

9. Georgia Tech: I guess they’ve been the least bad of the teams with losing record? 9-13 are kind of interchangeable.

10: Louisville: they finally got an acc win and in convincing fashion. I think they’ve been underperforming to this point.

11. Pitt: I think Pitt is a decent team but they’ve lost 4 in a row so at some point they need to win another game.

12. Florida State: they have the talent to make plays at times but they just aren’t good as a team.

13. Virginia: best of the 1 win teams. Gave Miami a fight

14. Duke: 1 win, but not Syracuse

15. Syracuse


1) Clemson: They won't get a real challenge until the College Football Playoff if Travis Etienne stays healthy.

2) Notre Dame: Starting to look like the second best team in the league, as they should have been all year.

3) Miami: Only one loss and it’s to Clemson, but struggled more than they should have against Virginia.

4) North Carolina: Steamrolled NC State to get back on track after a really bad loss to FSU.

5) NC State: Bad loss to Carolina, but still better than the teams below them. This team is really going to be hurting without Devin Leary.

6) Wake Forest: The defense finally seems to have figured it out, and this season might not be half bad when all is said and done.

7) Virginia Tech: Bad loss at Wake, but still a very good team when fully healthy.

8) Boston College: They have four wins, but haven't been tested much.

9) Georgia Tech: Not sure what to make of this team. Still rebuilding, but better than they have been.

10) Pittsburgh: Bad losses after starting out promising. They've really fallen off.

11) Louisville: Finally got a good win. They could be dangerous moving forward. Expect them to move up.

12) Florida State: Still a bad team in spite of hanging on to beat Carolina.

13) Virginia: Too many injuries and too much inconsistency.

14) Duke: The Cutcliffe era has been a good one, but it may be coming to an end unless they turn things around.

15) Syracuse: The only reason they hung with Clemson for part of the game was Etienne going out. Once he returned it was just as everyone expected. This team is BAD!

It’s still a very odd season. These rankings will change every week (except Clemson barring a shocking upset). Do you agree with our rankings? Comment below.