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Wake Forest Football: Checking in on 2021 Commits

High school football is alive in some states!

North Carolina State v Wake Forest Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

While Wake Forest football has clawed their way back to being 2-2 with 2 more important games coming up. However, even in these unprecedented times, recruiting is still going on and high school football in some states has started back up. Lets look at the commits and how they’re doing.

RB Will Towns

Towns has been... fun. Through three games he’s gone for 46/245/2 on the ground and 2/65/1 through the air. And that’s with his most recent game being a 17 rushes for 33 yards encounter against the best team in New Jersey. If this season continues for Towns, it’ll just serve as more proof that John Hunter is one of the best in the country at identifying talent at that position

QB Santino Marucci

In a system that rotates in 2 QBs, for reasons unbeknownst to me, Marucci has found a way to try to pad his stats. Bartram Trail is 5-1 right now and Marucci to his name has gone for over 700 passing yards, completing passes at a 63 percent clip, thrown 10 touchdowns, yet to throw an interception and has almost 300 yards on the ground. That QB room is gonna have a lot of fighters in it come January.

S Quincy Bryant

Playing for Parkview, a powerhouse school in Georgia, Quincy Bryant felt like he’s gone under the radar even with offers from Louisville and Florida State. Through 5 games: 18 solo tackles, 13 assisted tackles, 8 tackles for losses, a sack, and a pass breakup. Bryant could quietly find himself in line for some playing time next year if he keeps making plays all over the field.

DE Brandon Williams

A hybrid TE/DE out of South Carolina, Brandon Williams has done his best to make his presence know on the field. Only managed a 4/52/0 stat line lining up at TE, but on the defensive side of the ball, he’s racked up 8 solo tackles, 3 assisted tackles, a sack and 7 hurries in just 2 games played. Get him in the hyperbolic time chamber for a year or so and let him work.

S Evan Slocum

I lauded this pickup the second it happened and Evan Slocum has not let me down. In 6 games Cartersville(Ga.) is 5-1 and a big part of it has been Slocum. They use him all over the field and it’s shown as much. Defensively he only has 4 games recorded, and in those 4 he’s racked up 15 solo tackles, 6 assisted tackles and a pass breakup. On the offensive side of the ball he has 3 rushes for 13 yards, 6 catches for 125 yards and 1 touchdown. Oh he also is 1/1 passing with a 37 yard touchdown as well, The kid is an athlete and when he gets to just play 1 position he’ll be a future star.

LB Dylan Hazen

Through three games Dylan Hazen has been a wrecking ball. Hazen has 26(!) solo tackes, 7 assisted tackles, 7 TFL, 4 sacks, 2 fumbles forces and 4 hurries. He has been terrorizing people in Texas. This class is going to be good man.

DE/DT Bernard Gooden

While I can’t find any recorded stats on Bernard Gooden, I did find his highlight tape so far. It’s a fun watch