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Wake Forest Football Schedule 2020

Some good, Some bad, some meh?

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, Wake Forest football got to find out their schedule for the 2020 season.

While there’s 8 months, trust me I KNOW, until the first Donavon Green touchdown, Boogie Basham Sack, Nasir Greer big hit, kickoff of the season, there’s still some interesting tidbits to take from what we already know:

  • There wont be a home game over Wake’s Fall Break. This is a huge win scheduling, just for crowd’s sake. One thing that helps gets better recruits, gets the players fired up, is playing in front of a crowd. Not playing a game when the entire student body is gone is... smart!
  • On the flip side, having to play the game against Miami at home on a Friday is, come si dice, annoying? Playing on a Friday is already bad enough as recruits have their own games, but then Wake has to deal with Winston-Salem fair(which is very fun) but creates a nightmare of traffic. Now if it rains too....
  • Bundling up for winning the tailgate(in whatever fashion you deem fit) will be necessary, as Wake will host 3 out of their last 4 games at home in November, while only having 1 home game the entire month of October
  • The Notre Dame game in Charlotte could be HUGE. Wake has a good chance to start off the season 3-0 with a win over a good App State team going into the matchup with Notre Dame. Big Stadium, huge crowd expected(I know I’ll be making the trek down from DC to Charlotte), if Wake can steal one there from a presumably top 10 ND team, that could play a massive role in how the season plays out.
  • Staying healthy is going to be big. Wake plays 7 weeks in a row and then gets a open date before finishing the last 5 games on the schedule. Wake could realistically come out with 3-4 wins in that stretch, but one big thing is going to be staying healthy so they aren’t limping to the finish line this year. Which is something that’s been a problem the last few years

Predictions? Thoughts? Concerns?

Let us know in the comments or yell at me on twitter @CamLemons_

As always,

Go Deacs