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Vegas & Memes: Utah State and Rice Edition

We all love both of these no matter how terrible they are

NCAA Football: Utah State at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

So, normally this article will be coming earlier in the week, but with the first job picking up this week things have slipped through the cracks.

Week by week here at BSD, I’ll be coming at you live with what Vegas thinks about the upcoming games along with some (semi) spicy memes made by readers, friends, and people who just like making them. If you want to be featured this week feel free to shoot them to me @CamLemons_ on twitter and I will credit you and give you an imaginary high-five.

First, we have the Vegas odds! Unless otherwise noted I will be using Bovada. But today we’re going to Mirage-MGM. When it opened there wasn’t a money line bet available only a spread that was Wake as 18 point favorites(I know Bovada themselves had it as 19.5 in favor of the Deacs.) When Mirage opened the ML, it had Wake at -1100 and Rice at +750. So I’ll explain this in 2 ways: 1) what ever the - number is(the favorite) that’s how much money one would have to wager in order to win $100 and on the other hand if you bet on the + number, if you wagered $100, you would come out with $750. 2) with ML there is an implied probability of a win with the lines. So at -1100, this bookmaker is telling us they are giving Wake a 91.6% chance of winning this football game, which I agree with. And as we know, Vegas always wins :/.

Meme time! Shout out to Christiaan Honig and Kelsey Roche for being good at this and providing stuff for the first article!

As always,

Go Deacs