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Wake Forest @ Boston College: Q&A

#TheRivalry subsides for about 20 minutes

NCAA Football: Boston College at Rutgers Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

So, it’s #TheRivalry week and I figured why not extend another olive branch? Thankfully AJ Black aka @BCHysteria on twitter accepted it. Feel free to check out my answers to his questions over on his site, , or you can find it on twitter @BostonCollegeSI

Blogger So Dear: What Does #TheRivalry mean to you?

AJ Black: This rivalry means everything to me. We have had some great games, like last year, and we have had 2015. Now let’s never speak of that game again. Hey, BC/Wake two schools that are pretty similar in terms of recruiting and status, always a fun or entertaining game every year.

BSD: What steps has Anthony Brown made since going nuclear on us last year?

AJ: He has kind of done a waltz, where he takes a few steps forward and a few steps back. (I don’t know if that is a waltz or not, my wife made me take ballroom dancing before our wedding and I don’t remember anything). He has a few games where he goes bananas like he did against Wake last year throwing for five touchdowns, and Virginia Tech this year, but then he will throw up stinkers like he did against FSU and Kansas. Basically he is a crap shoot every week, you never know what Anthony Brown you are going to get.

BSD: Who do you look for to make an impact in this game on each side of the ball?

AJ: I think the big names I would watch for are Kobay White and Zay Flowers on offense. White as you saw last year is a good receiver who can go up and make a grab, and against Wake’s defense I think that could be huge. Zay Flowers, a true freshman, is probably the fastest player I’ve seen at BC in years. He had some incredible catches against Virginia Tech, and go do the end around like Jeff Smith did last year, so he could be a factor. On defense, I think I’d watch for the corners Brandon Sebastian and Tate Haynes. As you know Wake has some good wide outs, and the duo are both tall and can make plays, which they are going to have to do if the Eagles want to keep this close.

BSD: What’s to be expected out now, after falling to Kansas and for a bit having your hands full with Rutgers?

AJ: I have no idea. The gut instinct is to say “Oh no BC isn’t going to win another game!!!” but there is too much talent on the offensive side of the ball for this to be true. Daz seems to always find a way to win 6 games, and I think this year will be no different.

BSD: What realistic expectations did the BC faithful have coming into this year, and how do you think they finish?

AJ: The expecations, like every year is 7-5, and hell I’ll stick with that moving forward.

BSD: How big does the base/yourself think this game is relative to the rest of the schedule?

AJ: It’s a big one, not just for the schedule, but for Addazio himself. Under this coach BC is 1-19 in games against Top 25 teams, and I don’t have the stats in front of me, but most of these games were never particularly close. I don’t expect Daz to win a ton of Top 25 games, but this one would be a perfect one to get win #2.

BSD: BC wins if they come out and do what?

AJ: Pass the ball effectively and force turnovers on defense.

BSD: on the other hand what can they not do if they want to win this game?

AJ: Allow explosive plays and go three and out on offense.

BSD: Who scares you the most on the Wake Forest team?

AJ: Jamie Newman has to be the answer because he is a dual threat and can do everything well, but I watched film on and Kenneth Walker III scared the hell out of me too. He has a running style that rip this BC defense to shreds.

BSD: For my people visiting Chestnut Hill for the first time this weekend, what should they do? Where should they go?

AJ: I would hit up Cityside Bar and Grill, they have good beers and food and is the unofficial away team bar near BC (though it’s about a fifteen minute walk from campus. If you want some sneaky good beer and delicious food Uber to Hopsters, a brewery in Newton that is a 10 minute drive from campus. Love their beer.

BSD: Lastly, who wins, why, and score?

AJ: I don’t think BC’s defense has an answer to the Wake offense, the big key being if Isaiah McDuffie can return from his knee injury, which he hasn’t been cleared to play yet. If he does this could be a closer game. Right now I’m picking Wake big 35-21.