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Jamie Newman Can Win the Heisman in 2019


NCAA Football: Elon University at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

You knew this was coming.

To preface this: I understand there have only been 4 games into a 12 game season.

I don’t care.

The next pod of 4 games will be a step up in relation to the last 4.

I don’t care.

Wake Forest, according to people that caught an L, doesn’t have a “strong football culture.”


From the stats perspective, I’m going to put 4 player’s stats through 4 games and I want you to guess who they are!

Player A: 87-112, 77% Completion percentage, 1,344 total yards, 18 total TDs, 0 TOs

Player B: 102-140, 72.9% Completion percentage, 1,428 total yards, 16 total TDs, 1 Int

Player C: 96-135, 71.1% Completion percentage, 1,438 total yards, 15 total TDs, 2 Ints

Player D: 66-95, 66.7% Completion percentage, 1030 total yards, 19 total TDs, 0 TOs

Jeopardy music plays in the background

Time is up! Pencils down everyone, yes even you in the back Stan Cotten.

A: Tua Tagovailola, Alabama

B: Sam Ehlinger, Texas

C: Jamie Newman, Wake Forest

D: Justin Fields, Ohio State

As you scan through these and any other statistic you can think of, player C is right there in legitimately every single area. You can’t argue the passing yards aren’t there, you can’t say the touchdowns haven’t been there, you can’t blame strength of schedule as outside of Texas, everyone has had some favorable matchups to begin the season. But did other people have to play against the RETURN OF THE MACK?? If you put any of the other 3 names listed alongside Jamie Newman’s stats, you’d 100% hear their name popping up everywhere, yet if I check a Heisman Odds Tracker, shout out Westgate and The Action Network, players like KJ Costello and Sean Clifford show up but not a peep on Newman.

But in all seriousness, the people have started noticing and it’s becoming louder.

The question begs: can he keep this up? My answer: absolutely. The next pod of games includes BC, Louisville, Florida State, and NC State. FSU and BC are getting absolutely OBLITERATED through the air all year. NC State just let a QB from Ball state throw for 333 yards and Louisville just let Alex Hornibrook throw all over them in the second half.

“But Cam, Wake actually is giving up more passing yards per game than NC State and Louisville!” I don’t think we can overstate the fact that Jordan Love, who is very good, put up 416 yards though the air and total Utah State put up almost 600 total yards. Since then here’s the total passing yards each game Wake has allowed the last 3 games: 254, 189(AGAINST THE RETURN OF THE MACK), 88. You can make a very realistic case the quarterback that threw for 416 yards is the best they will see outside of Trevor Lawrence and I’d tend to lean that way as well.

Realistically, this offense has put up points and yards whenever and however they’ve wanted to(as long as it isn’t goal to go apparently) and I don’t see any of those 4 teams stopping that. In all reality there isn’t a game in this pod that Wake should not be favored in, and for good reason.

All four have just disappointed, even if there were low expectations. BC lost to Kansas and I’m also still unconvinced they can tackle or have an actual secondary. Louisville has incurred the wrath of Wake Forest lately and I don’t foresee that changing any time soon. NC State is currently not only having defensive issues, but also issues about throwing the ball vertically and now one of their best run blockers is out for the season. FSU will be a test as they are just athletically rich but man defensively they are so bad and outside of Cam Akers, is there really a sure thing with that offense besides the OL being putrid?

After going 1-0 four straight weeks the last 4 games shape up to be landmines and a behemoth. VT has looked mighty suspect, but going into Lane Stadium and winning is a tough time. Duke: LOL. Syracuse has looked downright awful all year after losing Dungey, now a very banged up team and just seemed to have mightily regressed but are still at their core, a decent team. I can’t realistically say hey, let’s walk into Death Valley and put up 400+ yards.

At 11-1 continuing on the pace he has this year, there is absolutely no statistical or logical reason that Jamie Newman shouldn’t at the very least be in the conversation. Lamar Jackson won the Heisman with THREE LOSSES.

It’s also not like he has a bad supporting cast around him. The OL led by Justin Herron and Jake Benzinger have been a 6 man wrecking crew. Scotty Washington and Sage Surratt have yet to be stopped by anyone but themselves. A healthy Cade Carney is really bleeping good, and with Christian Beal-Smith and Kenneth Walker III finishing out the Earth, Wind, and Fire trio in the backfield, there are weapons galore for one Jamie Newman.

The biggest thing for him will be his consistent growth. He has matured more and more and looked absolutely unfazed both when it comes to getting blizted and when the clock strikes 2 minutes. It doesn’t look like any time soon the clock will strike midnight on him doing what he’s done over the past 8 games.

I’m confident in saying I wouldn’t have anyone else under center with 2 minutes left to win a game other than Jamie Newman. The guy can put the ball literally wherever he wants to, and if he needs it to be on the ground.. well I’ll let Conor O’Neill take it from here.

He’s been ACC QB of the week 3 times, should’ve been four but I would never be salty about that at all. Not a single bit.

The elephant in the room? One Jar-Jar Binks looking dude. Trevor Lawrence honestly has not looked like one of the best QBs in the country. Not so much by him looking poor at all, but in all honestly QBs like Newman, Fields, Tua, Hurts, etc all have just been lighting it up. If you’re the best player in the conference that has a juggernaut like Clemson and take this team to their best record in years, that should 100% get you the Heisman.

The sky is the limit for Jamie Newman and he deserves to firmly be in the mix for the highest award that this sport can offer.

Any and all thoughts about this can happily be placed in the comments or @CamLemons_ on twitter

As always,

Go Deacs