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Vegas and Memes: Rice and UNC Edit

It’s the most wonderful time of the week

Wake Forest v Rice Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

It’s me. I’m here. I’m back. 2 of my favorite things: Talking about Wake Forest and memes. What more could you want? No seriously if you want anything else please let me know I am at your mercy.

So let’s talk about what Vegas thinks shall we?

For reasons, 99% of Vegas has taken a stance that this game is just even. As 3 point home favorites and a 67 OU , Vegas has firmly planted its flag in saying, “this game will be a shoot-out and the last team to score will win it.” I am not saying I believe that will happen, but that’s what Vegas has pretty clearly told us. The line has wavered back and forth between 3 and 3.5, with a wonky spread of 2 over at Bovada at the time of this writing(7:30 am on Friday the 13th), and the ML, or just straight up bets, refusing to move from -150. With -150 Vegas is giving Wake a 60% chance of winning outright, and I’d agree with that for the most part.

What’s curious to me is the fact of the line just not moving after the news of Patrice Rene and Nick Polino. Pretty much everyone has talked about how big of a loss that CB is to UNC and while there’s been some downplaying of Polino in terms of they actually have some semblance of depth there, it’s not great to be down any offensive lineman but especially the Center. I get Kendall is out for the game too, but to me it feels like that line should’ve moved to Wake -4 or -5 at most with both sides injuries taken into account. However, Vegas are who they are for a reason, so who am I to argue against that?

Meme time! Shoutout to everyone on twitter involved as well as the ones that ended up in my email or texts from Christiaan and Kelsey.

As Always, Go Deacs