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Skip Prosser: The Ultimate Example of Pro Humanitate

Skip never met a stranger and was one of Wake Forest’s finest men

Maryland v Wake Forest

Today marks twelve years since the passing of George Edward “Skip” Prosser. It’s hard to believe it has been that long.

Wake Forest is still recovering from that loss, and in some ways it may never fully recover. And how can you recover from losing a man of Skip’s character? One needs to look no further than searching “Skip Prosser” on Twitter to find constant reminders of his impact.

Coach Prosser took the Deacs to the school’s first ever #1 national ranking, created Tie-Dye Nation, had swarms of Wake Forest students CAMPING OUT outside the Joel waiting in line to get tickets for games, had over half the student body attending games (which no other Power 5 school can say), and many other on-court accomplishments.

Even non-Wake fans recognize the impact Skip had on the program, and recognize that Wake Forest basketball would be in a completely different place today if he were still living, as evidenced by the above tweets.

Skip was known for his “Skipisms”-witty quotes that people remembered and repeated constantly. If you were listening to a postgame press conference you probably wanted to have a dictionary handy because Skip was going to use a word you didn't know the meaning of. You also wanted a pen to write down his quotes.

But perhaps his greatest characteristic was his ability to make a difference in the lives of the young men he coached. Time and again former players share their stories of ways in which he is still impacting their lives.

Skip was the ultimate example of Pro Humanitate, as you can find countless stories of him taking time to talk with Wake Forest fans. I remember a time when we went out to eat on a Sunday evening and my brother and I were wearing Tie-Dye shirts. A man came over to our table and said “nice shirts, fellas.” We looked up and Skip was standing there. For the next ten minutes or so we talked about anything and everything, not just basketball. And there are countless stories out there similar to ours.

Wake Forest will never have another Skip Prosser, and will be lucky to find any coach that is even half of the man that Skip was.

But Skip’s legacy will live forever through the impact he had on so many people’s lives, and the memories people share every year, not just on July 26th.

“We’re going to be good again.” Someday we will coach, and I’m sure you will be smiling down from Heaven when we are once again able to say “meet me on the quad at midnight” after a big win over Duke or North Carolina.

Rest in peace Coach Prosser. Wake Forest loves and misses you every single day.