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Lunch with Stan Featuring New Athletic Director John Currie

Stan interviewed the new AD on his podcast

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In the latest episode of his podcast “Lunch with Stan”, the Voice of the Deacons, Stan Cotten interviewed new Wake Forest Director of Athletics John Currie.

The new episode is available from the official Wake Forest sports website at, on Soundcloud, GooglePlay, Stitcher, Spotify, and iTunes.

Stan’s interview covers a wide range of topics beyond just the general media press conferences that have been held in the last week since Currie took over on May 1. This interview helps you get to know John Currie and his philosophies both on Wake Forest and life in general, as he shares some of his past experiences and looks forward to the future of leading Wake Forest athletics.

One of the major points of emphasis that John Currie goes back to many times is the interaction with fans and how he wants to be accessible and answer questions, which he also made sure was readily apparent in his new “From the Quad” letter.

Give it a listen and be sure to follow Stan on Twitter @StanCottenWF for updates on future episodes of “Lunch with Stan” and follow John on Twitter @John_Currie.