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National Title Watch: Wake Forest vs Texas

Deacs plz

Winston-Salem Open - Day 1 Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

This season has been nothing but a rollercoaster. Wake Forest Men’s tennis has spent the year trying to recreate the magic that led to a national title last year. The team, while retaining most of the victors from last year, seemed to be missing a key thing that was the crux of their success last year.

In college tennis winning the doubles point is absolutely massive. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket and winning 4 singles matches out of 6, if you take doubles you only need 3. You just have less chances for things to go wrong or a coin flip match going a way you didn’t want.

In their last 4 matches Wake has dropped the doubles point and done it countlessly throughout the season. Yet, here they are in the national title game sitting at 34-3. This team has no quit in them and i loved every second of watching them even though it took years off my life. I want to give a big thank you to every single one of the players on the roster for how much work they’ve put in and how they’ve represented Wake Forest.

With that being said there’s still one more job to do and that is beating the Texas Longhorns. I have been on record the last few months saying I’m not the biggest believer in this Texas team. I felt as if the bracket was very kind to them and they benefitted from a big win over Ohio State who was missing their best player. Texas is built a lot like Wake, two top 15 players as their 1 and 2 singles, lines 5 and 6 have people that some days i think they’re a top 30 player and other days i just scratch my head and go, “huh?”, and questionable when it comes to doubles.

Both teams have spots today they have to like, for Wake the top three they should love what they’re going up against, while the bottom half of the lineup will have an uphill battle. The doubles point today will be pivotal to whoever wins. Personally, I have Wake winning 4-2 taking the doubles point and winning the top 3 lines while dropping 5 and 6 singles.

While there have been some major flaws, the Tennis Channel has been the place to watch all of the matches and will show it today at 3pm, you can also watch online on the Tennis Channel’s website and log in with your cable subscription information if you plan on tuning in. I know I’ll be live tweeting the match and I’ll also drop a line to live scoring closer to the match @CamLemons_ .

As always,

Go Deacs

Plz Wake