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Wake Forest Men's Tennis Tops Tar Heels, Has Chance At Back to Back National Titles

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When the Deacs are good, they're REALLY good. They face Texas tomorrow for the team National Championship.

Duke v Wake Forest

I'm the first one to admit that I'm a tennis novice, but this is huge news. It was a dramatic battle, with the match tied 3-3, the deciding point coming from a duel between team aces, Wake's Borna Gojo and UNC's William Blumberg. Wake had a chance to close it out earlier 4-2, but the usually reliable freshman Melios Efstathiou couldn't finish things off, despite his being on a 6 match hot streak. Still, Gojo proved too much for Blumberg. He didn't make it easy on himself, going up 5-2, missing a match point, then going up 40-15 in the 5-3 encounter before Blumberg tied it up. However, that would be as close as the Tar Heels got, as the Demon Deacons secured their bid to the national championship at 40-40.

Considering Gojo was apparently up all night ill last night, I'm both impressed and really hoping that he's not utterly gassed tomorrow. Sure, it's a sport that goes often unheralded, but these guys deserve the publicity. Well done, gentlemen!

On to the next (title). Go Deacs.