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Former Wake Forest Basketball Player Starts Podcast

LD Williams has his own podcast with former Boston College and Ohio State player Evan Ravenel

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Wake Forest v Georgia Tech Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Wake Forest alumnus and former basketball player L.D. Williams has started his own podcast with former Boston College and Ohio State basketball player Evan Ravenel.

Evan is still playing professional basketball in Japan, while LD is playing professionally in Slovenia.

The new podcast entitled “unRavLD” is available on Soundcloud.

I reached out to LD and asked him to tell me about how the podcast got started and what it is about.

“It’s really just two guys who rarely agree talking about things they are passionate about. I jokingly say it’s the podcast about nothing an ode to my favorite Sitcom.... Seinfeld. Rav and I have known each other since high school and have a natural chemistry.”

Episode 1 featured talk about their college days and NCAA Tournament experiences as well as making their predictions for the Final Four, and much more.

Among topics covered in Episode 2 were LD bragging on the ACC and talking about why it is by far the best conference in America, both guys giving their thoughts on the NCAA Championship, the NBA Playoffs, Paul Pierce’s claim that he had a better career than Dwyane Wade, and many more topics.

“As it grows we’ll have some of our friends on as guests to keep a fresh voice on there.”

Be sure to follow LD (@ldwilliams_4) and Evan (@e_rav24) on Twitter for updates on the podcast.