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Wake Forest Selected to Pinstripe Bowl

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NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

As a #NashvilleDeacs supporter this one stings, but Wake Forest is heading to the Bronx to play in it’s 4th consecutive bowl in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl, being held in Yankee Stadium.

The Deacs will take on Michigan State on December 27th at 3:20pm. The last trip to New York wasn’t so pretty as it saw the Deacs fall to Syracuse and suffered a litany of injuries that we’re still waiting on hearing updates for. You probably haven’t heard that Wake Forest has won their last 3 bowl games(in ways that have probably shaved years off of my young life) and are poised to continue this winning streak.

Just for a little primer on Michigan State, their season has been a bit up and down. A 6-6 team but the record doesn’t really tell the full story. According to SP+ they have the 12th best defense in the country, it’s the other side of ball that’s been the ugly part as they rank 90th there. A brutal schedule that included Ohio St, Wisconsin, Penn State, and Michigan didn’t do them any favors but they still are a talented team that Wake will have to prepare for.

If Wake Forest comes out of here with a win(they will at the very least be favored going into the game I would think) it would be the third time in school history the team would achieve at least 9 wins.

Will Wake reverse their prior New York misfortune? Stay tuned for more bowl coverage in the coming weeks!

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Go Deacs