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BSD Staff Predictions for the New Era Pinstripe Bowl

It’s time for one last round of predictions

Wake Forest v Clemson Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

It’s time for the New Era Pinstripe Bowl, as Wake Forest looks to win its fourth consecutive bowl game for the first time in school history. Everyone on staff seems confident in the Deacs’ ability to take down the Spartans. Below are the picks.


Wake Forest 31-Michigan State 28

This is a pick with my heart. I know the Big Ten as a whole has been better than the ACC this year but I can’t pick against Clawson’s back-to-back-to-back victories in bowl games.

Wake Forest got a boost with Boogie and Sage coming back for next year, look for Boogie to make an impact in this one.


Wake Forest 27-Michigan State 13

Despite the fact that they are favored, the Spartans won just 6 games this season and finished the year beating 3-9 Maryland and 2-10 Rutgers to get bowl eligible. The Spartans rely heavily on their defense, which gave up just 22.7 points per game this season, because their offense only managed to score 22 points per game. If the Deacs don’t get absolutely killed on special teams (please just kick the ball out of bounds) and force the Spartans to move the ball down the field to score, I think we should win no problem.


Wake Forest 31-Michigan State 27

I’mma guess 31-27 Deacs. I’m not sure why, exactly, but that’s what my gut is telling me. Maybe because “high scoring thriller” has been Wake’s MO lately.


Wake Forest 31-Michigan State 24

I just have way too many questions about Michigan State’s offense. If an absurd strip and score at the goalline doesn’t happen against Syracuse I’m sure a lot more people would be riding the Deacs. I think they get Scotty, Greene and Kendall going very early since running is going to be a nightmare against this team. I’m also gonna call 2 picks for Lewerke, one by Ja’Sir and one by Amari, but Wake is going to do some idiotic things to let MSU score points and make this a close one in the house that George bought.


Wake Forest 38-Michigan State 28

The Deacs were disappointed with their run down the stretch of the season, and should come out with something to prove as a result. Michigan State’s offense doesn't seem overwhelming on paper, and Wake has shown the ability to get down the field all year long. Look for big games from Kendall Hinton, Scotty Washington, and Cade Carney in their final collegiate game ever. Michigan State hasn't seen an offense like Wake’s RPO, and should have trouble figuring it out for the first few possessions of the game. Look for the Deacs to take advantage of this and put points on the board early. Wake comes out on top in New York, and Clawson continues to build upon his already impressive resume.

What do you all predict the outcome of the game will be? Do you think the Deacs can come out of New York with a fourth consecutive bowl victory? Comment below.